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Dodgers: Braves Coach Praises LA While Praising Joc Pederson’s Impact on Atlanta

At least one Dodger is still in the playoffs! The Atlanta Braves are playing for their first World Series title since 1995. They’re also playing against the hated Houston Astros. And they also feature old friend Joc Pederson on the roster — World Series champion Joc Pederson.

Joc, of course, left the Dodgers last offseason after LA brought home its first championship since 1988. The outfielder inked a one-year deal with the Chicago Cubs in February. He was later traded to the Braves mid-July where he brought championship pedigree and some light vibes to a team that needed it.

Atlanta third baseman Austin Riley talked about Joc keeping it light, adding, “I think you need one of those guys on your team.” – via LA Times, Jack Harris.

But for the Braves, there was more than vibes and pearls to Joc. Atlanta coach and former Dodger Eric Young (senior) shared his thoughts on what Pederson brought to the table for a team in need.

“We knew he was a winner because he came from the Dodgers and had been on World Series teams and been to the playoffs almost every year, so he knew exactly what it took,” Young said. “He was a good mix of what we needed at the time. We were a little down … and he just came in and was like, ‘We’re good. We’re gonna show them.’”

The things you can rely on in life days, death, taxes, and Joctober magic. Despite a cold World Series showing so far, Pederson has made his impression felt this October. As he always does. A clutch pinch hit home run sent the Braves on to face the Dodgers in the NLCS. His 3 homers are tied for the most on the Braves (with Freddie Freeman). His 9 runs batted in are second on the team. And mind you, he’s done that without starting every game this October.

If rooting against the Astros isn’t enough for you in this World Series, rooting for Joc Pederson should help you feel a little better about rooting for the team that beat the Dodgers.

The Braves lead the series 3 games to 1.

Clint Pasillas

Clint Pasillas has been writing, blogging, and podcasting about the Los Angeles Dodgers since 2008. He was there for Nomar, Greg Maddux, and Blake DeWitt, and he'll be there for Walker Buehler, Alex Verdugo, Bobby Miller, and any Dodgers of the future. Under Clint, Dodgers Nation has grown into one of the most read baseball sites in the world with millions of unique visitors per month. He's a golf enthusiast, an amateur wood worker, and a friend.


  1. Absolutely rooting for the Braves. Losing to the WINNER is always better than losing to the loser.

    1. No doubt! Every year 29 MLB teams “fail”

      If you’re gunna fail it may as well be to the one that didn’t! Just sayin

  2. Just wrap up this boring series today and let’s move on to the hot stove season. I’ve never seen a more gross matchup. Disgraced cheaters vs a boring Braves team

          1. In another class move by our friend Manfred…

            Prior to Game 2 of the WS, he gets lambasted after his tone deaf defense of the “Braves” name and tomahawk chop saying “it’s ok to use them because we don’t market our game on a nationwide basis” and the Native American community near Atlanta is supportive of the team’s branding.

            Guess the Cleveland “Indians” Guardians didn’t have to change their name after-all!

            Pitiful excuse for a human being!

  3. No neither am I. Afraid this CBA could drag out. As Dodger fans we have a little extra incentive in rooting for the Braves and that stupid chop – THE CHEATERSTROS!

    Also thanks to EY for a classy comment.

    1. Both EY and Joc have Dodger histories. We as fans are lucky to root for such a class organization. Do they make mistakes? Of course, but all-in-all definitely Top Cabin!

    2. In any event, I certainly would try and bring Joc back in 2022 beings that he says if he’s going to be a platoon player, he wants to be on a team that will contend. But it’s no guarantee the Dodgers will contend in 2022 if there’s a season. WSS.

      1. Without question. How would be have fared with Joc ILO McKinney, Raley, Reks or Souza in only conjecture, but I would put my money on two things. First we would have most like won the division and secondly and of much more importance we would probably still be playing.

        To you final comment, the Dodgers WILL CONTEND IN 2022!

        If there is a season, that is clearly up in the air right now. Don’t like, Don’t trust that piece of crap Manfred.

  4. I have a request to the baseball gods…

    Please give Johnny B “Dusty” Baker one of the other 28 MLB teams to manage and let him win a World Series with them. Thank you.

    1. I would even be ok with him Managing the Dodgers!

      Dusty is a good guy. Just wish to he!! He didn’t take the Cheaters job!

      1. And yes Kirk, Dusty is in the same boat as Doc as far as what is being dictated to him from above! Same goes for Snit! It’s just the way orgs operate these days. Like it or not.

        1. Not true!! Roberts in a boat by himself !!! Friedman stated pitching decision was the manager’s! Like it or Not !!!!

          1. And you believe that? Ok. Your choice

            I’m not saying everything is being dictated. Please don’t think I’m blind. What I am saying is that the pitching decisions most criticized (Game 5 DS and Game 2 CS) were pre-planned. It has been admitted to by many.

            I will criticize and praise the same person. I’m not biased.

  5. The Dodgers had the ability to beat the Braves. What the Dodgers couldn’t beat?

    The spirit of Hank “The Hammer” Aaron!

    Inspiration allows people to achieve beyond their capabilities!

      1. Tell that to the Cheaters! #1 ranked offense in BASEBALL! Dodgers were only #5.

        Get a clue folks! Defense wins titles! Not just in baseball either.

        1. Look, no team including Dodgers can be expecting the pitching staff to hold the opponents to 0 or 1 or 2 runs every game! Sometimes 2 or 3 runs can be enough to win but sometimes that’s not enough. And from all the reports by almost all those who cover the Dodgers reported from what was seen and that is an inconsistent and at times offense that was non existent is why Dodgers got bounced in the NLCS. Even Freidman talked about that. All one has to do is recall that 7th inning in game 6 by the Dodger offense or lack of. Yes pitching and defense wins championships but they don’t always do if your team can only score 1 or 2 runs in that particular game. No scoring means no winning.

          1. Paul, we obviously don’t see eye to eye on this issue. I hope my comments don’t offend you in anyway. I respect your opinion. As for the ability of a pitcher to contain an offense, the scores of the recent games are an indication of otherwise.

          2. your pitching staff only has to lock down the opposition 4 out of 7 games. Just like the Braves are doing now I understand. Dodgers hurt their strength – starting pitching – when they used Max, then Urias and Buehler out side their normal routines. Dodgers could have/should have beat the Braves with superior pitching.

        2. Carlos Correa’s game 5 post game interview…

          “we know defense wins championships”


          Guess I’m not the only one who knows this.

  6. Joc and his pearls can stay way from the Dodgers as far as I am concerned. No need for a platoon player at best that wants to play everyday so he can get paid like an everyday player.

    1. From what I read, Joc only said playing on a team that contends is what matters most and as of now he’s accepted that fact that he won’t be playing every day. He’s not in tonight’s Braves lineup but he’s still a team player and not overly concerned about platooning, but to be ready when called upon. But he may also decide he would not want to return to Dodgers anyway.

  7. D4, in any case Dodgers lost game 6 due to a lack of timely hitting. After Buehler gave up that 3 run HR to Rosario , Dodger pitching did its job and held the Braves scoreless for the rest of that game. Offense needed to step up and they could not. Agree that games don’t always turn out that way.

    1. Had Butane had a REAL CATCHER and not Opie, he wouldn’t have given up the dinger in the first place!

      See WS 2020! Tell me who threw his glove in the air, stuck the ball in his back pocket, and slung his arms in the air to give Julio a hug….hint, it wasn’t Opie!

      1. Would could but that’s true last year. But guess what, that was made possible by having a DH last year that allowed for Barnes more time behind the dish. But talk to DR for reasons he had Smith behind the dish. And ya can’t say that in no way that Rosario, as hot as he was would absolutely not have hit that HR. We will never know.

        1. Paul, of course you are right about that. There are no guarantees the result would have been different. My attempt is to try and get people to quit thinking of things in only one way. Try as much as you can to really ask yourself what is the most important thing to focus on. Try and find the commonality between successful teams. What are the contributing factors.

          Again just my perception here, my feeling is folks want easy answers and offense is just an easier thing to criticize.

          1. Perhaps because offense is more exciting and creates more drama. IDK

            I think it would be safe to say that most fans don’t find much thrilling about a pitchers dual.

          2. And this why I get into disagreements with some here. Because as I’ve commented on in the past, I’m not into beauty contests. I don’t care what it looks like, I’m only after the end result.

      2. Paul, as a pitcher, you can’t expect to beat a hot hitter “to the spot.” He needs to be set-up. Rosario was not set-up at all. A vet catcher would have set-up Rosario better, at least that is this former Pitcher/catcher’s opinion.

        1. Fair enough. However, the offense had every opportunity to make up for that. Rosario HR by a better plan in that 7th inning being 2 runs down but had runners on 2nd and 3rd with nobody out.

          1. And batting Pujols then Sousa right there was absolutely defeating. It left Mookie with the world on his shoulders. Of course they ground out almost every out of the next inning, and I just could not come to grips with the pitifulness of the team when it mattered. If you can’t even get a single ground ball in that scenario, when it actually counts, you have no business being world championse.

          2. Paul, you are right about that. I too was extremely disappointed with the in-game decision in the 7th to bat Souza when it was a perfect squeeze opportunity with Barnes on the bench. DR definitely effed up there. That’s on him.

          3. Dan, Mookie is making $350m to have the weight of the world on his shoulders!

  8. I’m wondering what all the wannabe managers would have done up 3-1 in the series and a 4-0 lead at home? Lemme here how you would have managed that situation?

  9. 2022 was always viewed as the beginning of a new era, if you remember back a few years. Kersh and Kenley hitting FA. JT maybe gone. Seager maybe gone, or his huge contract making it tough to resign Belli. Guys like Joc, Kike and CT3 maybe gone. Friedman’s short-term hedge against that was the now-horrible Bauer signing. He doubled down with the Scherzer trade, to try to keep the repeat alive.

    A high price was paid for that chance to repeat. The debt likely starts to come due in 2022. Unless AF triples down, or whatever you want to call it, and pays Seager crazy money, and decides to roll the dice the Scherzer. I don’t see it though. I think we’re looking at more mid-tier short-term starting pitcher adds, more creative depth in the bullpen, and the ‘big’ new contract belonging to CT3. He makes the roster so much more efficient. You almost can’t overvalue it.

    How does Seager get signed? If Trea has made it clear that he’s ‘east coast or bust’ for his next deal, and if CT3 is not really interested in staying. In that scenario I can even imagine AF getting creative and trying it flip Trea. He’d get a lot for a one-year rental.

    With all the scenarios, and the CBA, it sets up for an very interesting winter.

      1. I like the idea of flipping Trea, if we think Seager’s number is going to be high, just what do we think about how much his agent is going to seek. I say look at Cleveland and bring Beiber here (and DF4 my friend not the rock star) If we move him at the winter meetings, if they actually take place, we could then look at Story if Corey and Boras are hell bent on a stupid contract number.

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