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Dodgers Broadcaster Joe Davis Provides Health Update and Target Return Date

If the Dodgers broadcasts have sounded a bit different of late, things could be getting back to normal soon. Last week we learned that play-by-play broadcaster Joe Davis had tested positive for coronavirus and, along with Orel Hershiser, would be off the call for the time being while adhereing to covid protocols. On Tuesday night, Joe took to social media to provide an update on his status.

The Dodgers said in a statement that Davis was fully vaccinated. Notably, Orel never reportedly tested positive for the virus due to close contact in the booth with Joe. Now, the hope and expectation is that we’ll be hearing Jorel again on Saturday’s broadcast and for Sunday’s regular season finale.

In the meantime, Tim Neverett and Nomar Garciaparra have filled in on the call.

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  1. I am glad he is feeling better, but it has been refreshing not to hear endless “stupid stats”. Joe and Orel, to me, spew so many stats at you that it is boring to listen to.

    1. That is exactly why my father hates Joe. He prefers Tim over Joe and wishes that Tim was there full time.

    2. Yes they forgot why they are there. They are there to tell sightless and people who are working what has been happening and what is going on at the moment. We don’t want to be in the booth with them, we want to be at the game feeling and watching what is happening. Vince and Chick spoiled me.

  2. I like Joe Davis and hope he is the Dodgers’ primary play-by-play person for the rest of my life.

    That said, Tim Neverett is solid and impressive. I think we have 1A and 1B instead of a 1 and 2 for that position in the TV booth.

    THAT said, no one is Vin Scully or ever will be, and we have to go on and live with that truth.

  3. I have felt all along that JD has been full of himself. Scully tells a story. If I had a choice, I would pick VS any day.

    1. Didn’t do ESPN Tuesday but I’m
      gonna say last night’s offering was
      really the bottom of the barrel listening!
      Went to Dodgers feed but just had to keep
      checkin’ back to see if it was still ‘consistently’
      horrible throughout!

  4. About Joe Davis….it should be a crime to be that young, handsome, talented and (maybe) rich!

  5. Interesting that he caught Covid, even though he was fully vaccinated. Bottom line though, is that I am looking forward to having Joe & Orel back!

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