Dodgers: Brusdar Graterol Gets in Trouble With the Padres, NLCS Position Breakdowns, and More!

It was a wild week for the Dodgers and their fans as they went into the NLDS against the San Diego Padres. As expected, the series did not come and go without tempers flaring or some sort of dramatics. The good news is that the good guys won though! Let’s dive into some of the news surrounding the team this week. 

Dodgers players all talked about the exchange that took place between Manny Machado and Brusdar Graterol last week. Graterol threw his glove in excitement after Cody Bellinger’s homerun robbery, and Manny took exception to that. As expected, all players had the rookie pitcher’s back. 

Dodgers Players Defend Brusdar Graterol After the Padres Take Exception

Speaking of that exchange, YouTube legend Jomboy did an excellent breakdown of the two teams going at it. Listen in as you get to see some curious lip readings from both the Dodgers and the Padres. 

Dodgers NLCS: Head to Head Pitching Breakdown with the Atlanta Braves

Manny Machado made headlines again when he downplayed a bet that he made with a Dodgers fan. Machado had bet his entire contract that the Padres would win a World Series long before Los Angeles ever got the chance. 

Dodgers: Manny Machado Downplays Bet He Made About Padres Winning the World Series

With the NLDS now in the rearview mirror, the Dodgers can look ahead to the battle with the Braves for the National League Pennant. Take a look as we do a position-by-position breakdown of the two big teams. 

Dodgers NLCS: Head to Head Pitching Breakdown with the Atlanta Braves

We also did a much deeper dive into the pitching staffs of the two teams, which will likely be the difference-maker in this series. 

Dodgers NLCS: Head to Head Pitching Breakdown with the Atlanta Braves

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  1. Poor Manny. What a crybaby. Let’s examine what happened prior to Graterol throwing his glove and hat: Manny spearing his bat after hitting his home run and Grisham dropping the ball in the Dodgers bullpen after making the 3rd out catch. Total bush league. Totally disrespectful. Loved Graterols enthusiasm would have been fun to see muncy kick mannys a$$. Max was totally into it.

    1. Why did Grisham do that? When I saw him do it, I was just like wtf… Was that supposed to be some show of disrespect?

  2. Coming from a Padre fan, what exactly was Brusdar Graterol celebrating? Walking into Sh** and coming out smelling like a rose? I have seen pitchers strike out the side and celebrate less than he did! He looked foolish, celebrating like he just issued a “K” to Tatis or Machado. His CF made a spectacular play and saved his bacon….that warrants that type of celebration? I agree, Machado overreacted, but he had the right to be annoyed and ticked-off.

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