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Dodgers: Brusdar Graterol Gets the Nod Over Kenley Jansen to Close the Series

Just one day after Dave Roberts had negative(ish) comments about Kenley Jansen, someone else locked down a save. The Dodgers brought on Brusdar Graterol to close out the series-clinching win over the Brewers on a day where Kenley was supposedly available. 

But if you’re thinking that this signals a changing of the guard, don’t get too excited. The Dodgers are going to keep rolling with Kenley Jansen in save situation moving forward, Thursday was just a special circumstance. Dave Roberts talked about the decision after the game. 

He’s[Kenley] our closer. I just felt that Brusdar, these guys hadn’t seen him. Kenley is going to close out many games for us as we go forward. He understands that it’s about the team and helping us win baseball games.

Dave also noted that the guys that were coming up int he lineup already had a look at Jansen the night before. He must have meant Christian Yelich when he said that because that was the only guy coming up that Jansen faced. Regardless, the Dodgers skipper made sure to note that nothing has changed in Kenley being the closer. 

It was still plenty of fun to watch the 21-year-old Graterol come on and lock in down for his first save. Brusdar gave up a leadoff single to Avisail Garcia to start the 9th but induced a groundball and pair of fly balls to end the ball game for the Dodgers. Sure, the ESPN broadcast couldn’t even do enough research to pronounce his name correctly, but we’ll let it slide. 

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  1. So Dave still thinks that Jansen’s 89 MPH puffballs without movement are more effective that Gatorade’s 100MPH heat? Well there’s probably two people who agree with him, Jansen’s mother, and his agent.

  2. Robert’s should get the Dodgers speed gun out and his analytic adviser to see JANSEN has nothing ,facing the weakest part of the BREWERS ORDER . I can just imagine the feelings of the Dodger team when they bring in Jansen the game , they are immediately taken right out mentally ,here we go again no velocity , very little movement , ball one , ball two,
    single , tie game eventually or loss ,his delivery is always the same with nothing on it ….WAKE UP ROBERTS …. San Diego will eat him up, he got through the other night Brewers because of weak bats . Keep him OUT as closer and the Dodgers being positive will keep IN ( the game .) Quit trying to be his good friend or hurt his feeling , He needs to grow up someday, and realize his days are numbered ,and for you and him to think he has found it again. He lost quite awhile ago.Jansen should never be brought in again ever in a close game !!!

    1. Ya’ know Johnny, for just this postseason only, the best strikeout weapon we have is Tony Gonsolin. I’d like to see him as the closer rotating with Treinen. Maybe during the offseason we can trade for a new closer. I say sit Kenley down until or unless he can show Roberts a fastball in the mid 90’s while warming up.

  3. Right on Johnny, Right on! Roberts will throw away, literally, the series against the Padres if he put Jansen in, in a save situation, in a game against this team of explosive hitters at any time, just as the Dodgers are. We will lose the series if this happens:(

  4. Get ready to fasten your seatbelts. Only two people I see preventing us from moving on past the Padres….Robert’s and Jansen. Let’s hope our bats wake up and have enough runs on the board to prevent that.

    1. Right on DJR,
      We might need a new batting coach. Joc looks overweight and uninspired. Looks like he stopped trying and feels unwanted after the failed trade to the Angels. Cody and Max both look terrible. I hope they used these off days wisely to work out their problems.

  5. Yes Brusard is good now, but so was kenley at one point. Now ya’all are crying Jensans no good. We’ll see in a tight one if Brusard will pull us out or drop us like a hot potato. this is the playoffs, more pressure. Maybe they should sit down anyone that doesn’t hit after two or three at-bats.

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