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Dodgers Bullpen Mate Offers Assessment of Brusdar Graterol

Most Dodgers fans saw the trade for Brusdar Graterol in February and had no idea what they were getting. At that point, he had only appeared in 10 big league games. But Grateol has quickly become a fan favorite and a dominant force out of Los Angeles’ bullpen. 

Whenever you can pump in a 100+ mph fastball with ease, you’re going to impress. But it’s not just the fans that are left in awe of what Brusdar does every appearance. Even the Dodgers veterans are left picking their jaws up off of the floor.

Current Dodgers’ bullpen arm Blake Treinen talked about the kid and how impressive he really is. Treinen is new to the team after signing a one year deal this past offseason but recognized just how good he was the first time he saw Graterol.  

There’s pitching that looks like poetry in motion, and then there’s Graterol, who looks like he is literally trying to fight the hitter every time he throws the ball…The cool thing is, he’s still really raw and he’s got so much upside. You guys talk about how great he is right now, he’s only going to be that much greater when things start to tweak a little better…I don’t know how the Dodgers were able to pull that off with him, but kudos. 

Brusdar has averaged a ridiculous 99 mph on his sinker, leaving some MLB hitters absolutely lost at the plate. While his ERA wouldn’t show it, Graterol has been one of the most dominant relievers of 2020. His FIP of 2.03 makes him one of the best arms out of the Dodgers bullpen, and one of the better in the league. 

Whatever his stats are, Brusdar is just about to turn 22 years old. He has a long way to go to sharpen his already really good stuff, and the Dodgers sure did get a good one with him.


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    1. Agree. Gatorade is the heir apparent to the closer job. It probably won’t happen this year. But maybe next year. If he continues to work on one or two off speed ptches, like an Eric Game changeup, he will become the lights out closer that Jansen was 5 years ago. I remember the days when the Dodgers had the lead going into the ninth, with Jansen coming in, and thinking, all right this game is over. Now, I get nervous whenever Jansen comes in. I look forward to seeing Gatorade blowing batters away on a regular basis, like the good old days.

  1. Maeda is 3-0 and has a WHIP of .632 so he has been Huge for a Twins team in contention. I think it was a win-win for both teams.
    Graterol looks to be a huge bullpen piece for the future. What an amazing talent the young man has. Truly Kudos to Friedman and his team for the trade.
    I think the Sox received a good return for Betts in Verdugo who will be a very good player for many years and Jeter Downs is highly rated. Conner Wong also should be a very good prospect.
    But they turned down Graterol I wonder how that will play out for the future?

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