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Dodgers: C.C. Sabathia Says Yankees Would Have Won 2017 World Series

While many in Los Angeles Dodgers’ circles feel that the 2017 World Series title should belong to the Dodgers, there’s always another side to the story.

Therefore, we hear from C.C. Sabathia who says on his recent podcast that the 2017 champions would have been the Yankees. Not only that, but Sabathia thinks that version of the Yankees would have handled the Dodgers easily.

First, Sabathia begins with his true feelings on the matter. Certainly, baseball has made it known that they don’t want current teams and players speaking out about the subject. However, Sabathia retired after the 2019 season. Therefore, his feelings on the subject are allowed to be voiced in an open manner. Undoubtedly, he thinks he was on a World Championship team in 2017.

“We should have won the World Series. I don’t care what nobody says. And now that this happened, nobody can ever f-king tell me that we wasn’t gonna win it. We should have won!”

While the 2017 Dodgers had a record setting rookie named Cody Bellinger, the 2017 Yankees had a monster in their own right named Aaron Judge. In addition, young stars like Gary Sanchez and Luis Severino in their own right. The former veteran left-hander says the Yankees were just on fire.

“We would’ve whooped the Dodgers’ ass. I’m sorry, that’s just how I feel! We were rolling!”

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Still, the 2017 Los Angeles Dodgers were one of the greatest teams I have ever seen. Finishing the regular season with 104 wins – compared to the 91 the Yankees compiled – is a non-comparison.

Finally, if the Yankees could have gotten past the trashcan-banging bunch in Houston; there is nothing written in stone that they would have gotten past the Dodgers. Truly, my unbiased opinion is that was one of the greatest Dodger teams ever. For Sabathia to short-change them like this tells me he didn’t see them enough in 2017 to know better.

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  1. HA! CC should learn how to speak English properly before running his mouth. [I ended this with something racist but a moderator updated it. I’m a rude person some time and have multiple emails blocked on this site. But also I can comment reasonably and not like a troll, so I’m a mixed bag and tough to deal with at times.]

    1. “One of the best Dodger teams ever”?? Sorry, not making any statements like that when they don’t have a ring, I don’t care if the Astros were cheating, to be an all time great, you gotta win it all. Period. CC’s comments say a lot about how scared other teams are of the Dodgers. I don’t care if they were playing the Staten Island Yankees, the Dodgers would’ve found a way to lose that World Series. I was actually living in NY at the time of that season and I can assure you not a single Yankee fan was the least bit scared to play us.

      1. I can only speak for me. But in terms of all the teams I have watched, Dodgers and otherwise; the 2017 Dodgers to me were one of the best I’ve ever watched. They were not only good, but gritty. Bullpen was underrated. Lineup was loaded and a lot of timely hitting. Their run that summer was one of the most dominant in baseball history. Laid to waste a good Dbacks team, and did the same to a very, very good Cubs team that is no longer remembered because the Dodgers dismantled them. Had Houston and their tactics beat several times through. Just couldn’t hold on. Absolutely one of the best to never win it all in my opinion, and some pundits have speculated that. I never felt that way about the 2019 Dodgers.

    2. Don, I was with you until the last word which I find to be racist. Same crap Jackie Robinson went through. You call yourself a Dodgers fan. Shame on you!

      1. It’s only racist because he happens to be black. Human beings that act stupid are called apes. You’re racist for actually thinking his ethnicity had something to do with the ape remark when it was clearly about his behavior

  2. I hope every time the Astros show their ugly mugs at opponents ballparks they get serenaded by a chorus of “cheaters”.

  3. CD is as fund as he is washed up. The Dodgers would have best the Yankees easily. The only reason they lost at all was cause of the Astros cheating. CC needs to shut his mouth he did not see the Dodgers play very much.

    1. Right on Harland! CC needs to keep his pie hole shut because ‘would have, could have should have matters not! But we should forgive CC for he knows not what he says or does and upstairs he’s not playing with a full deck of cards.

      1. Paul I was censored by a racist and even had my comment edited by this racist moderator for saying just that. It’s disgusting that they would use his ethnicity as a way to make me look racist. That in itself is racism

        1. Don, We all know this has nothing to do with racism and you are of course not one of those types of people. It’s all in that person’s character and personality and it does not matter at all what color he or she may be. CC made some ludicrous remarks and that’s what makes him way off base, and as I said CC is simply irrelevant now and what comes out of his mouth means absolutely nothing and has no credibility whatsoever.

  4. Astros are cowards. They used different methods to win the WS by cheating as simple as that! They already got a bad reputation, worse ever! Shame on you Astros! Should call their team to Houston Cheaters!

  5. I think we would of hit the Yankee starting pitchers better than we hit Verlander, Morton, and McCullers. All we really know (for sure) is that both teams had their chance to win a World Series taken away.

  6. Just want to add my support to those who said CC should shut up. LA would have beat NY, unless that organization – the most corrupt one in the history of pro sports – cheated also.

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