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Dodgers: Chavez Ravine Scores Big With Vegan Fans

If you’re a Dodgers fan with dietary restrictions – Dodger Stadium is once again one of the top places in the sport for you.

Namely, it’s in the top-10 ballparks in baseball created by PETA. So far, this is the 18th year that PETA has come up with this list.

From the official press release:

Los Angeles — The results are in for PETA’s 2019 ranking of the Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Ballparks, and after falling out of the top 10 last year, Dodger Stadium has slid into seventh place. The stadium’s vegan-friendly offerings include Beyond Sausages and Burrito Basebowls, which feature black beans, pico de gallo, and more.

Honestly, I have had a veggie Dodger Dog. Truly it’s hard to tell that it’s not a beef or turkey hot dog. It’s really good.

However, making this list was not about throwing non-meat dogs on the ballpark menu.

“The plain veggie dogs of yesteryear won’t cut the mustard with today’s baseball fans, who are clamoring for hearty vegan fare like the spicy tempeh tacos on offer at Dodger Stadium,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “Every ballpark on PETA’s list is covering all the bases when it comes to meeting the demand for animal-friendly fare.”

You can check out the official top-10 list right here. In case you were wondering – Globe Life Park in Arlington (Rangers) took the top spot on the list. Then, Citi Field (Mets), Target Field (Twins), and Oracle Park (Giants) came next on the list.

What vegan items have you tried at Dodger Stadium, or would you be open to trying? Let us know in the comments below. And if you’re not vegan – feel free to let us know something that we should not leave the park without trying!

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  1. I’m an O’s fan, but I’m tempted to cheer for the Dodgers more now. I’m vegan and the Dodgers have great vegan options for fans!

  2. My family can only get me to go watch baseball if there is vegan food involved, so I’ll happily go to Dodger Stadium. Sports arenas and stadiums these days are wise to provide vegan options because more and more people care about their health, the environment, and animals.

  3. The plant-based sausage, peppers & onions is really tasty, but wish they still kept the veggie dog as well. Ballgames should have veggie hot dogs!

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