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Dodgers’ Chris Taylor And Justin Turner Named Co-MVPs Of The NLCS

The Mariners and the Mets let Chris Taylor and Justin Turner walk not too long ago. Now, they are co-MVPs of the NLCS for the Los Angeles Dodgers!

What a journey these two players have had over the course of the careers. However, besides the fact that they are great people and have amazing stories, these two put up amazing numbers in the NLCS. Let’s take a look at some of their best moments against the Cubs over the past five games!

Chris Taylor absolutely crushed it at the plate. Taylor went 6-19, with two home runs, three runs batted in, and five runs scored. He also played excellent defense at both center field and shortstop!

Justin Turner was an absolute no-brainer as far as picks for the NLCS MVP go. Turner went 6-18, with two home runs, seven runs batted in, and three runs scored. His offense and defense were a vital piece of the puzzle in the National League Championship Series and a big reason why the Dodgers are headed to the World Series.

Check out some of his best moments against the Cubs below!

Congratulations, Chris Taylor and Justin Turner for receiving the honor of co-MVPs of the NLCS. Dodger fans everywhere can’t wait to see what both of you do in the World Series!

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  1. Think about those two, both given up on by former teams. What amazing ball players they have both become. So proud of them! Jansen had to be next in line. He did a great job also.

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