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Dodgers: Chris Taylor Believes Justin Turner Will Be Back One Day in New Role

Although we were all so sad to see J.T. go, we also understood the decision he had to make. As as he’s shared, baseball is a business so despite our strong belief that Justin Turner might just retire as a Dodger, he decided to head East to Boston.

This past week, our very own Doug McKain sat down with another longtime Dodger, Chris Taylor talking about his upcoming charity event, the team chemistry headed into the next season, and what to expect with the absence of a key leader like Justin Turner in the clubhouse.

And I think we can all agree with Taylor’s strong belief that even if Turner couldn’t retire in a Dodger uniform, there’s still a chance he could come back to the organization in a few years. It just might look different.

“We’ve said that, the same thing. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see JT head into coaching and be a big league manager. And, of course, I feel like it would be for the Dodgers.”

Justin Turner is not only a Dodger legend already but also a star amongst the entire community of Los Angeles. I mean the Roberto Clemente award winner and five-time nominee even has a whole day dedicated to him (January 22nd).

To see him come back to his hometown even his time playing major league baseball has expired, would truly be something huh?

Yeah the team might look a lot different in years down the road, but by the time J.T. is done squeezing every once of playing time he has left, I’m sure he’ll be ready to return to the Dodgers organization and coach up the next generation.

We might even get a few more guys like him but in the end of the day, no one can be RedTurn2.

Charity Event

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  1. I appreciate everything that Justin Turner did for the Dodgers. I would have liked them to work out a deal to keep him a Dodger. However, to project him as a future manager of the Dodgers might be expecting too much. There are not a lot of Jim Leylands, Bruce Bochys, Walt Alstons types available. Picking a manager is very difficult and just because a person may be a “good guy” or a fan favorite does not necessarily mean he (or she) translates into being a good manager.

  2. I totally agree…The Redhead will be a perfect Coach & eventually a manager….hopefully with the Dodgers.

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