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Dodgers: Chris Taylor Drawing Interest From One AL East Team

The Dodgers are going to have a lot of competition for their free agents. With so many names hitting the open market, Los Angeles is bound to have a few teams trying to outbid them for the services of a few guys. 

One name that might appeal to literally every team in baseball is Chris Taylor. CT came to the Dodgers a few years ago via trade and drastically overhauled his swing and changed the course of his big league career. 

Now officially a free agent after denying his qualifying offer from the Dodgers, Taylor is already drawing a lot of interest. And it sounds like the Red Sox are one team interested in possibly bringing him aboard for the 2022 run. 

The Red Sox signing him would be interesting for a few reasons. Taylor would team back up with former Dodgers teammate Enrique Hernandez, a guy that he often competed with for starts in a packed lineup with Los Angeles. It would also allow him the freedom to move around the diamond again, which he got used to out West. 

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The question seems to be if Taylor actually wants to have that versatility or if he would prefer a consistent spot. If he ends up signing with the Dodgers, they could consider using him as their full-time second baseman with Corey Seager likely departing in free agency. That opens a spot for Trea Turner to go back to shortstop. 

But there will be a lot of teams in on CT, that’s for sure. 

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  1. we new he would generate interest; we’ll likely see interest stories in the next few weeks. Hopefully the Dodgers will have a chance to match or better what interests him most.

  2. I cannot help sense that the Dodgers are expecting CT to give them a break while forgetting how they handled Kike and his desire to play every day or have 500 at-bats.

    Yes, CT plays a lot, but he wants to be an everyday layer at a position IMO. The cost to keep CT, and to convince him that he’ll get near his desire might be what has him moving on from the Dodgers, as like Kike.

    Can the Dodgers afford to have CT as an everyday position player? Will they want to try? How much trust does CT have in the words, unless written in the contract, does CT have knowing how Roberts likes to use his players?

  3. Andre is a fan favorite but really is he the answer with no experience? What do you think?

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