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Dodgers: Chris Taylor Gets Blown Up By Pablo Sandoval, But Escapes Injury

This season is already strange enough, so why not add in a borderline NFL play to the game. That’s what happened during Friday night’s bout between the Dodgers and Giants. 

In the fifth inning, Chris Taylor was running hard down the line to first on what was going to be a close play. First baseman Pablo Sandoval had to jump for a high throw from third base, and it all went downhill from there. 

Pablo Sandoval is listed at 5-foot-10 and 268 pounds on his baseball reference profile, but that might be selling him short. Sandoval came down hard and put his entire body into the much smaller Chris Taylor. Understandably, it ended up looking like a big hit on a defenseless receiver for the Dodgers’ utilityman. 

Luckily, Taylor didn’t hit his head or experience any sort of whiplash in the huge collision. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts talked about the close call in his postgame interview. 

It was a bad one. C.T. is going to have some soreness tomorrow because he landed square on his back and Pablo is built like a fire hydrant. I don’t like that matchup as far as a head-to-head collision.

It wasn’t really anyone’s fault in particular, but we would recommend not going toe-to-toe with Pablo anymore. The Dodgers went on to crush the Giants 9-1. Roberts also mentioned that Taylor was set to be in the lineup in tomorrow afternoon’s game and that he did not expect him to miss any time. 

Taylor singled twice and drove in a run during the game and also drew a walk. He also left four guys on base during his at-bats, which ended up being a common theme with the Dodgers lineup on Friday evening, despite scoring nine runs. 

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  1. “The Dodgers went on to crush the Giants 9-1.” Not really a “crush,” a win is a win especially against the Gnats. (Yes that is purposely typed). “A crush” to me and especially against the Gnats would be September 13th 2014, where the Dodgers beat SF, 17-0.

  2. Not to smart running with your head down not looking where you are going. A good way to run into things and miss what’s going on on the field.

  3. That was quite a “Scary” scene, at the time. No “Welfare” Check was needed, thank goodness. I was surprised C.T. stayed in the game, after the mishap. GO BLUE !!!!!!

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