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Dodgers: Chris Taylor Has Really High Praise of Chase Utley’s Influence on LA

It doesn’t matter if someone spends their entire career with one team or just a couple of seasons, their influence can still be felt. Chase Utley spent four seasons with the Dodgers and it was enough for Chris Taylor to understand the impact Utley had on LA.

The former Phillies All-Star helped the Dodgers reach the World Series twice despite losing both times. It was the beginning of something huge for the Dodgers who eventually won the 2020 World Series with Taylor.

Something that stood out for CT was Utley’s selflessness with his teammates. Taylor told John Hartung on SportsNet LA’s Access Dodgers this week that while other players are more about themselves, Chase was there for everyone else.

“I’ve never played with someone who cares more about winning and helping his team than that guy. The amount of time he puts in at the stadium not even for himself, you know, most guys are focused on themselves and making themselves better, he put in hours of work to help other guys. That’s something you don’t see all too often.”

Those kind of deep rooted connections between teammates is what sports are all about. Not only is the drive to win games important but also the camaraderie and holding players accountable are what separates championship teams from the rest.

Utley may have not won a World Series with the Dodgers, but fans don’t have to think hard to see why Utley was able to help the Phillies win in 2008.

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