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Dodgers: Chris Taylor Hoping His Huge Homerun Helps Him Out of a Slump

Monday afternoon’s win for the Dodgers was big for a lot of reasons. Coming off of a series loss to the NL West-leading Giants, Los Angeles needed a good bounceback for the offense. They also got very little rest traveling all the way to St Louis and still came out swinging and showing signs of life.

The Dodgers also got some production from guys who needed it. Chris Taylor is one of those guys that really needed it.  He’s struggled for the last few weeks but came through in a big way with a 2-run shot in the 1st inning. 

Taylor spoke with SportsNet LA’s Kirsten Watson after the Dodgers win about how good the homer felt. CT3 is also hoping that the blast helps him to relax a little and not have to grind out at-bats so often. 

It felt good, not going to lie, I have been grinding and just trying to battle in there and working in the cage. It just felt good to finally put a barrel on one, and you know, contribute. …Anytime you have success it allows you to relax. It’s easy to put pressure on yourself and get anxious, so having a little bit of success always helps you kind of settle down and stay within yourself.

Before that big homerun, Taylor had struggled at the plate in the early parts of September. He was 1-for-16 with 7 strikeouts and just 1 walk entering Monday afternoon’s matchup. The Dodgers need him to be much better than that. 

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With the way that Cody Bellinger has struggled in 2021, it’s not a reach to say that there is an opening for Taylor to take his postseason at-bats. The recent addition of Trea Turner means that Taylor has fewer opportunities, but he should absolutely start over Belli come October. 

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  1. Look, there’s no question that come October for CT3 to be starting over Bellinger. Again, it’s time for Bellinger to beimited to late inning defense with his .162 BA.

    1. Paul, WHY won’t the writers here, and or the media ask Roberts WHY and what reasoning he has for Holding Beaty back? We all know Beaty is the ANSWER for replacing Bellinger. Why not SOMETHING? ANYTHING? How about save Bellinger the humility of going back down and fudge a injury like the team does so many times. Tsutsugo rings a bell…….. The Media is Hiding the Elephant in the room…..Bellinger should have a rib, sore shoulder, something they could list for 10 days and get Beaty back up here. We’re going to avoid SNELL this weekend, so perfect scenario to have Beaty against the Pads righties……Souza looks better also, so now would be the time for Bellinger to go HEAL………….

  2. The problem with Taylor is he strikes out too much, even more than Beli. 32% to 27%. Can’t remember a player who strikes out more with a runner on 3ed and less than 2 outs. Both he and Beli have the same mindset, go for the HR no matter the pitch count and stay with the swing for the fences with the elevated swing.

    1. Taylor was hitting way better at the leadoff position. I believe mainly he had to study, and also knew his AB would be against. Since he was moved down, he sees different relievers at the end of the games and it’s a crap shoot who he’d be facing. He also has had the unfortunate placing to be the hitter in front of Bellinger. He hasn’t been protected like he was in front of muncy where they HAD to throw him strikes…. His strike out rate was less when he was lead off…..Your right though, he lives by the homer like all of these dodgers…

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