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Dodgers: Chris Taylor Praises What Trea Turner has Brought to the Team

Since being traded for during the trade deadline, Dodgers infielder Trea Turner has been nothing short of a spark plug for the club atop the lineup in 2021. With a unique combination of pop at the plate and speed on the basepaths, the 2021 All-Star has been “electrifying” for the club. 

Joining SportsNet LA’s pregame show, the super utility man Chris Taylor raved about the immediate impact that Turner has made in such a brief time with the Dodgers. 

“He’s electric out there,” Taylor said. “He does it on defense, at the plate, on the bases. It’s fun to watch.” 

Taylor emphasized the success that Turner has had late in the season, citing his ability to be a game changer in multiple facets of the game. 

“He seems to make things happen no matter where he is,” Taylor said. “He’s probably playing as good as he has all year at this moment so we’re glad to have him on our team.” 

In Friday’s series opener against the Milwaukee Brewers, Turner smashed two homers, one of which was a grand slam to take the lead in the bottom of the fifth inning. On Saturday, he chipped in another two hits and scored two runs in a critical 8-3 win that helped keep LA’s division title hopes alive.

Turner is hitting .328 with 27 homers and 32 stolen bags in 2021, putting his entire repertoire on display.

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  1. Trea Turner does it all. When he first came over he was on a Covid watch thing. When he first started he didn’t hit a lot of home runs, but he hit everything else. And played outstanding small ball. His BA was 321 when we got him, and it has gone up since then. He has the batting title. He has my vote for MVP. I think he is stronger now. The Covid thing may have impacted his power stroke at first. Now he is knocking it out of the park regularly. This guy does it all. He and Mookie are similar. They find ways to win. Thanks again AF.

  2. You do have to give AF and the front office the credit for the trade of the CENTURY! Never before has there been a trade of 3 time Cy Young winner and batting title/MVP player together! Yes I’ve already awarded Trea Turner the MVP. Go blue!

  3. I am glad we acquired him and he is a just Betts-caliber player in the infield. Fabulous!

  4. To me it boggles the mind the talent the Washington Nats have let go over the last couple of years. Bryce Harper, Anthony Rendon, Max Scherzer, Trea Turner and Kyle Schwarber. Wow. Must be tough being a Nats fan.

    1. You got that right, a lot of Nats fans like myself hopped on the Dodger wagon at the trade. The Lerners aren’t going to pay Soto either, he and Trea are tight. Just sayin

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