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Dodgers: Chris Taylor Tired of Talking About Astros Cheating Scandal

Undeniably, any time you hear one of the Los Angeles Dodgers speak about the Houston Astros’ cheating scandal; one must wonder how much they think of the imposed MLB gag order. Still, some Dodgers were willing to speak about the matter at Dodgers Fanfest this past Saturday.

Already, we have heard Justin Turner be fairly outspoken about the issue. While Dodgers Nation was in attendance, Chris Taylor took a certain stance on the subject. You can see the full segment below, and read on to see that Taylor wants to be finished talking about the Astros.

Initially, Taylor didn’t hold back words when asked about the Astros’ sign stealing scandal.

“It’s frustrating. I think everyone is frustrated about it you know but it doesn’t do any good to look back at it and think about the ‘what if’s’. The only thing we can really do is look forward to the 2020 season.”

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Next, Taylor said he didn’t see Dallas Keuchel’s public apology. Therefore, he had no comment about the apology itself. Then Taylor was asked if he still thinks about the ‘what if’s’ had the Astros been forced to play the 2017 Dodgers on a level playing field.

“Honestly, I’m just really tired of talking about it and thinking about it. I really just want to move past it and move on.”

Finally, Taylor went on to say he spent the off-season fine tuning his swing. Obviously this is important for a hitter like Taylor because we have seen what he can do when his stroke is feeling in-sync.

As an integral part of the 2020 Dodgers’ depth, it sounds like Taylor has the right attitude. He’s looking forward and not in the rear view mirror. Besides, what good would that do anyone? It would be great to see Taylor – who had some huge knocks in the 2017 World Series – be part of a team that finally wins the whole thing for Los Angeles.

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  1. There are two guys who could really give the Dodgers a lift this year if they recapture their past form and get hot. Chris Taylor and Enrique Hernandez are both right handed hitters with power who can play anywhere defensively at a high level. I had really hoped that Hernandez could establish himself at second base last year, but I didn’t come together offensively. Taylor was great offensively in 2017, but has slipped since then. If even one of these two can hit their stride in 2020 it would go a long way toward improving the Dodgers chances in left handed La La Land.

    1. Its just going to be hard to change that big loop in his swing. He strikes out the most of anyone in the league for a reason. Always trying to hit homers, like the rest of them. The Dodgers don’t have contact hitters, they won’t bunt, hit and run,sac squeeze or suicide squeeze. Such basic fundamentals they won’t do! One of the reasons they fail so much against great pitching every year! They can’t manufacture runs when they absolutely have to. Until that changes, they will always have ,15-20 strikeout games against the likes of Stras,Sherz,Morton to name a few recent encounters.

      1. I’m with you on the fundentals of baseball. Small ball sounds like a negative term, but it’s really fundamentally sound baseball. It requires smart players and managers who create opportunities. It also requires the athletic skills of speed, quickness, and contact hitting. It requires multidimensional skills among different players that come together in a real team context. Today’s MLB games are one dimensional home run derbies. I mostly blame Manfred for ushering in this live ball era that that is killing real baseball as much as his tolerance of cheating. The baseball powers simplistically think more home runs will make baseball more popular. And the real beauty of the game is lost. Bring back a baseball that is harder to hit out of the park, and maybe more guys like Pete Rose, Tony Gwynn, Rod Carew, Lou Brock, and Ichiro will show up.

    2. One thing that may and I say may be true for both Taylor and Hernandez is that when asked to play daily for an extended period, they are exposed for the most part. You mentioned Hernandez establishing himself at 2nd base? Well that is what i mean here when a team is asking utility players to be everyday players and it just may not be in their makeup to be an every day player, just a thought

  2. Since the Dodgers remain committed to dancing with the folks “that brung ’em” players like Taylor and Hernandez will have to play a greater role than they did the last couple of years!

  3. Oh please! Chris “ swung on and missed” Taylor and Kike “popped up” Hernandez are going to be difference makers for Dodgers to win WS? Both of them are just taking up space on the 26 man roster. In their best years they didn’t help Dodgers win a title. Time to move on.

    1. Exactly Tim, if they could a, they already would a!! Friedman just loves guys that aren’t stars, so he knows he can wave a pork chop in their faces and give them some platoon time. Both would be Triple A veterans on any formidable World Series contender.

  4. Folks, now that the grievance issue with that service time for kris Bryant is resolved, and he will have 2 years of team control, what do ya think of Freidman getting on the phone to the Cubs to see if Bryant is available?

      1. And to this ask, AF will continue to say “no”. The only way AF trades for Bryant is if he can get away with giving up prospects not on the 40 man roster. He doesn’t seem to be willing to give up future talent for today’s talent that would be an immediate upgrade, and continues to undersell for top FAs but allows him to say “well, we tried”.

        1. David, all very true, and one day Freidman will realize that first of all, a team cannot keep them all and second of all, you must be willing to give up value in order to get the right value in return.

      2. So to answer your question Paul. Friedman would have to pay Bryant by taking over his contract, or then eventually pay him. All this after giving up a future Cy Young or Babe Ruth prospect…No way……….. I’m sure there will be the usual article here soon, how he tried blah blah blah

  5. Hey CT3, maybe you should learn how to not strike out when it matters the most. No one gives a flying donkey what you have to say. Do us all a favor, and keep your mouth shut, and make some friggin’ contact. No one really cares what one of the all-time great choke artists has to say.

  6. Well, I suppose maintaining an intelligent level of dialog on an internet post is too much to ask. When you attack a professional athlete with “keep your mouth shut and make some friggin’ contact” you must be imagining yourself doing better in his place. Or maybe you think you’d be a better coach than the one currently advising this athlete. Neither is a legitimate possibility unless JD stands for Joe DiMaggio.

    Don’t dis my team members!

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