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Dodgers: Chris Taylor Wasn’t Looking for the Massive Contract this Offseason

This will come as great news for Dodgers fans scorned by the departure of shortstop Corey Seager. According to a report by Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, Chris Taylor wasn’t interested in big bucks this offseason.

He wanted to be a Dodger no matter what.

The utility man still ended up with a nice payday no doubt. Taylor and the Dodgers agreed to a 4 year, $60 million deal just ahead of the MLB lockout. An option year could bring the total value to as much as $73 million.

While that’s a far cry from the $325 million Seager secured from the Rangers — certainly they are two players in very different talent brackets — it’s still what folks refer to as generational wealth. Taylor is happy in LA. Taylor’s girlfriend is also happy in LA, evidenced by her joyful post on Instagram where she exclaimed “we don’t have to move!!”

And really, isn’t that what’s most important?

Chris Taylor will be in Dodger blue for the next half decade and all is right at Dodger Stadium.

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Breakdown of CT3’s Contract

Taylor will be paid $15 million in each of the first two years of his deal. In 2024 and 2025, he gets paid $13 million annually. His 2026 option is worth $12 million or a $4 million buyout. The option year value increases to $13 million if he earns an All-Star berth, makes 525 or more plate appearances during the 2025 season, or wins a Silver Slugger during that season.

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  1. In other words, I love what I do, I love where I do it, and I secured security for my family.

  2. CT3 we are truly thankful and really appreciate the effort you give us. A True Dodger!!

  3. In other words, I am True Blue. I am True Blue to my teammates, I am True Blue to my Manager Dave Roberts, and I am True Blue to my Fans. Thank you Chris for Bleeding Blue. Now, Go Catch A Wave. You are Sitting On Top Of The World!!

  4. What a breath of fresh air. The Anti-Boras professional athlete. Making a decision for reasons not decided solely on more millions. Knows he can live pretty comfortably with $73 and able to stay home to boot

    1. I keep saying how refreshing this is. I would take a team full of Chris Taylors. The Rangers will regret the Seager deal halfway through it. And they will come in third or fourth next year.

  5. One thing to add to the good comments above – even if CT3’s girlfriend was the deciding factor, good for her and for him for listening.
    We still need another good starter and a closer, Freidman.

  6. CT3 loved you when you became a Dodger. You remind me of my son even look like could be brothers and love you now! A true Dodger, it is in your blood. Congratulations! You are the team!

  7. Thank you CT3.

    Some players want the most $ possible (ego). Others receive enough to live very well on but place other considerations above $.

    CT3….class act…

  8. This man is becoming one of my favorite Dodgers. Thank you Chris Taylor for the person you have shown yourself to be. I wish you all the best. I might even stop calling you names when you strike out on that outside slider that you like to chase too often

  9. I’m looking forward to watching him play next year more than ever. Let’s bring back the guys who want to be here as well as new guys who truly wanna be here. I think the chemistry will be much better and with a possible shortened season Roberts won’t be able to destroy the pitching

  10. So happy! Chris was the one that I was most worried about. Talent like his is so rare. He can play anywhere and not just play but do it really, really well. Like all the great ones, he does it with his arm and his bat and his glove but even more than all that…..with his heart! In the words of Vin Scully, he doesn’t come to play…..he comes to win!

    Love you CT3…..Thanks for staying.

  11. i’m relieved he’s staying. not because he’s such a great player, though i truly appreciate his playoffs moments this year. taking the loss of seager, though, we need another player who can play SS competently.

    that said, i’m NOT going to overreact and talk s**t on seager. CS is a vastly better player than CT, by any objective measure. strikes out much less. more power, much better batting avg and OBA (all his slash numbers)…and don’t forget, he’s the playoff & world series MVP for our only title since 88.

    the ONLY real knock on seager are the injuries. and to me, injuries sometimes tell us that a guy is trying TOO hard to be perfect and maximally productive always. i had injuries in college (basketball) that were no reflection on my conditioning or strength—i was the best-conditioned athlete on the team, always. the injuries happened because i busted my arse at all times, gave top effort at all times, and overextended myself too often. when you overextend, you put yourself at risk for major injury. when you play through minor injuries you risk them becoming major injuries.
    and outside the injuries, the only thing we can truly knock seager for is his choice of agents…but come on, what american would NOT want the best contract available. having lived through Tommy John surgery, seager is keenly aware that his earning power is FINITE, so get all you can while you can get it. it’s VERY american. if, in your job, you were offered a couple million a year, would you not take it? even if you’re a fast food worker, you’d TAKE IT.

    but i do dislike me some scott boras.

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