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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw and Texas Rangers Have Made Contact During Offseason

It seems almost criminal to discuss the possibility of Clayton Kershaw playing for any team besides the Dodgers, yet here we are.

After multiple links to his home state Texas Rangers over the past few seasons, the rumors may finally have some merit to them. In an interview on MLB Network with former Dodgers anchor Alanna Rizzo, Rangers manager Chris Woodward addressed the possibility of signing the veteran lefty.

I know we’ve been in contact with him”, said Chris Woodward. “Kershaw and I are obviously good friends, and we believe the same things as far as how to play the game, how to prepare. I’ve been honored to be around him for the three years I was in LA. If he wants to come back to Texas, I’m pretty sure we’ll welcome him there.”

It’s no secret that Texas is Kershaw’s offseason home, and the lure of being able to be close to his family year-round could potentially be enough to sway his decision this winter. Woodward is counting on that home appeal to benefit them in potential negotiations.

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“It’s home for him. I know he’d love to take his kids to school and go pitch a game that night. But it’s up to him. He’s had a tremendous legacy. I can’t speak enough just about the man himself after watching him for three years and just being around him.

Chris Woodward has history with Clayton, as he was the Dodgers’ third base coach for the 2016 – 2018 seasons. In that time, the two were consistently seen chatting and sharing their love of the game. This connection is part of the reason that Woodward wants Kershaw on his team once again, as he knows the respect and dedication that Clayton has for the sport.

It’d be a tremendous asset for us, especially with a young rotation. We’ve got a lot of talent on that starting staff, but they’re all young. His leadership, his guidance.. and honestly, he wouldn’t have to say a word. I would just ask those guys to watch him – watch him prepare and watch how he goes about his business, and they’re going to naturally get better.

Dodgers Rumors: Rangers in Contact With Clayton Kershaw About Signing Him, Will LA Get Kersh Back?

Final Thoughts

This is the first offseason where it at least feels like a possibility, albeit it a small one, that Kershaw could potentially be playing in a different uniform. With the elusive World Series ring now in his possession, the aging Kershaw could definitely explore a situation that would keep him closer to his Texas home. Given the way 2021 ended, however, he could very well return to take care of unfinished business.

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  1. If the Rangers want to outbid, overpay Kershaw to take his kids to school and pitch that night, I have no reason to require the Dodgers to outbid or overpay Kershaw to remain. The cost will not be matched by his production, the game starts for the money paid.

  2. Feel like this post is just to get folks riled up. Yes, the Rangers have contacted him. So have some other teams, I suspect (Giants, Angels, Etc). Will he decide to leave the Dodgers? We don’t know. It’s clearly up to him at this point. If he does, the Dodgers will pivot. I suspect they already have a Plan B and likely a Plan C, just in case.

  3. I see Dodger’s offer as the deciding factor. If Kershaw feels insulted, he will sign with the Rangers. Giants and every other team but the Rangers have no chance. The Rangers will probably way over-pay, with Billionaire owners and the need for STAR power to excite the fan base as well as the team…and maybe help recruit other stars to sign

  4. Clayton would not be the first Dodger favorite pitcher to leave. Go home and be with your family. Use that money to keep Chris.

  5. I agree don’t over pay , I also feel it’s tactics to drive up the price to spend dodger money, I think it’s for the hype ,Clayton probably already has his deal signed back with us

  6. I love Kershaw…but hate the Rangers…but I do understand why he would want to leave….I really hope he stays with the Dodgers….I won’t be watching if he goes…that is one team that I won’t watch play….he’s a Dodgers

  7. Thank you Kershaw for a Incredible career. He lost his fastball, had to throw too many curves and damaged his arm. I’m sure he’s too Moral to be Barry Bonds and juice so Thank you for the memories Clayton.

    1. Kirk, a week from tomorrow the owners will lock out the players and then who knows when all FA signings and trades will resume. I’m all for them signing Chris Bryant. But perhaps he will want to return to SF. In any event, CT3 should be signed first As far as CK goes, wss.

  8. Dodgers should not be putting the big money on starting pitchers.

    Save the big money to sign bryant, seager and suzuki.

    This give you and out field of betts bellinger pollock suzuki and bryant and beatty

    at 3b: turner and bryant
    at SS: trea seager lux
    at 2b: trea lux muncy
    at 1b: muncy bellinger beatty

    I see no need for ct3, the money saved can be used on a pitcher or two like matz, iglesias , and melancon

    if you need another infielder I would look at the other iglesias unless you want someone who can also play 3b but rios may healthy again, and you do have busch, hoese and vargas on the horizon.

    1. I agree with you on Bryant. Andre Ethier himself said that they cannot afford to let CT3 walk. We also need to resign Scherzer and sign Robbie Ray.

    2. I like your observation accept for not signing CT3. Another route the Dodgers should take is let Corey go, then sign his brother Kyle to play third. That will save 15 mill right there, then have trea at short, sign CT3 to play 2nd, and rotate Muncy and JT at 1st and or 3rd when Kyle seager needs a break. Kyle produces just as well as Corey and there would be no drop off. Let Kershaw go, Kenley go and theres another 50 million saved to sign Scherzer, Knebel, and Joe Kelly. Bickford, Graterol,Bruehl etc. and also Tom Kahnle and Ferguson would be a excellent pen, and Trienen closes. The team would be just as good as this years team if Friedman would sign Suzuki and keep Pollock. Now the ONLY question is would Drrrrrrrrrrrr Blow it again?

  9. I forgot to add Mckinstry.

    That gives you 13 position players plus the upcoming prospects busch hoese and vargas

    Plus your pitchers, I don’t think there is even room for an expensive starter. but if you can get rid of Price then you can afford to add 2 or 3 more experienced pitchers via signing or trade.

  10. If Kershaw chooses to finish his career in Texas all true Dodger fans will still root for him, he has earned that kind of loyalty.

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