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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw and Trevor Bauer Stress the Need For Urgency From the Team

It’s been a few years since the Dodgers have played this poorly. They obviously went on skids in 2018 and 2017 ultimately resulting in World Series appearances in both of those years. And while we all hope that they can pull off that sort of turnaround, it feels bleak at the moment. 

As it turns out, we’re not the only ones feeling that. Dodgers players and coaches can’t be satisfied with the way things have gone the last few weeks. Trevor Bauer was particularly vocal about it following their series loss to Anaheim on Sunday.

The Dodgers hurler talked about how the team needs the urgency now. It’s a long season and a lot can happen over 162 games, but they can’t just continue to hope that they turn it around. 

It’s early and you can say it’s early, and you can say there’s no need to panic, and you can say all these things and they’re all true. But at the end of the day, we’re not just gonna roll the bats and balls out there and win baseball games. We’re not just going to sleepwalk our way to winning another division title, going to the World Series again, that’s not how it works. 

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Bauer wasn’t the only one to stress that need for urgency. Dodgers starter Clayton Kershaw said something similar the night before in their will win over the Angels. 

It doesn’t do anybody any good to think about a long season. It doesn’t do anybody any good to think “We’ll figure it out eventually, it’s 162 and we’re too good not to”. In my opinion, you figure it out right now. Don’t wait, don’t get complacent with it, and don’t think that it’s long, figure it out today…every game matters whether it’s May or September. 

They have got to get things figured out now. There’s no waiting around and figuring it out as the season rolls along. Yes, the Dodgers are still just 2.5 games back in the standings. But the other teams in the West aren’t going to stay down for long. 

Trevor Bauer Says He’s ‘Pissed’ After Another Tough Dodgers Loss! Will His Comments Fire up LA?

Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Doesn’t Hold Back His Thoughts Following Another Disappointing Loss


    1. Well, we know how Kirk Gibson would have handled this. The current crew is a little too chill.

  1. I agree with Clayton “Gunslinger” Kershaw (22) & Trevor “Clever” Bauer (27) These guys are pitching a hell of a game and they get no runs support from the offense are you kidding me!
    The biggest problem with the offense is when they go up to bat they don’t look where the defenders are playing on the field. Perfect example was yesterday game with the Angels LA Dodgers had bases loaded 2 outs and Chris “CT3” Taylor (3) hits a line drive ball right to the left field defender.
    Angels had bases loaded with 2 outs the batter hits a double to right field and scores 2 runs and that the difference in the game they win why because they know how to put the ball in “PLAY” The LA Dodgers don’t know how to put the ball in “PLAY” not only on this game but every game when this losing streak started.

  2. We already know that the starting pitchers are keyed in to “bringing it” everyday. It’s the bullpen and the lineup that aren’t getting the job done. Clearly the bullpen is frequently over-matched. That’s up to the management to either put them in better situations or bring in better arms, The real puzzle is the lineup. Is anyone besides Turner hitting? The approach is the also the problem. THEY ARE NOT MOVING THE RUNNERS OVER. We have lost 6 of the 7 extra innings games because we refuse to move runners over or hit away from the shift. With no outs and a runner on second, it seems like the next hitter invariably strikes out with “I’m gonna tater one over the top of the shift” swings.

    1. The Dodgers need to get pissed off, and play pissed off. Forget about having fun until you start to win again. The last time I looked, losing wasn’t too fun anyway.

  3. I was talking about this 2 wks. ago and some before this slide started to steamroll. I have said if you don’t take every pitch, every out, every inning, every game seriously you become complacent and hoping for the best. Many posters said not to worry, no panic, still have a lot of time, but once you start losing series you open up all kinds questioning and negativity. Especially losing close games and losing to teams that you should dominate could cost you winning the division by a lousy 1 game and forcing you into a play-in-game which is a crapshoot you don’t want. Even after a lost, a professional (who gets paid well) should come back w/ more energy and focus on winning the next one and start a new winning streak. Consecutive losses causes questioning players’ mental stake and coaching philosophy. Even JT has stated like he feels something will go wrong in the game. Enough said.

  4. Where’s Kiki or Joc ? Betts is good Turner is hitting Cory is coming around forget this CRAP I’ve been reading about Cory not being an every day shortstop, who’s been the shortstop the last 3 or 4 years not counting injury CORY. Ok we need the injury list to turn it around and get it going, Belling should be coming soon and do we need that bat. Let’s not get Trevor started because his way of getting vocal could either HELP or Agitate some guys but he will light up a team REAL QUICK. 2 1/2 games today can be 6 games back next week, you guys need to look yourselves in the mirror and ask AM I DOING ENOUGH, if not tell Doc and he will put someone in right away and who knows if YOU will get back in (remember Lou Gehrig) Again ask yourself in the mirror if you are doing ENOUGH.

  5. It is not only the players but the mgr does not play small ball he does not let them steel a base or bunt he must go he take a picture out after 6 or 7 innings and they lose the game the picture is doing good stop with this shit leave them till they can not got the ball over stop bring the left hander in that he lost 3 in a row plus the last two games of the exhibition game bring up the kids that they have .need new person that know what he is doing and get a hitting person to help them stop them from playing golf uses the bats like they are going to kill the ball .the people should not go to games till they get rid of them the time is now

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