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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Celebrates No-Hitter Date with Another Amazing Pitch

On the six-year anniversary of his no-hitter, Dodgers fans are celebrating the legendary pitcher for another reason. In the middle of so much chaos and racial injustice, Kershaw spoke up and left fans smiling. 

The Dodgers reportedly sent out an email on Thursday afternoon to employees of the organization, detailing plans to honor Juneteenth. In commemoration of June 19th, the organization will be closing their offices and asking its team members to reflect and “consider how each one of us can continue to work together toward a better future.” 

Clayton Kershaw stepped up in the following hours, releasing a statement of his own across his social media. The details of the Dodgers pitcher’s statement are below. 

Tomorrow is Juneteenth- the day that marks the abolition of slavery in 1865. And yet today our black brothers and sisters are still facing injustices every day, a reality that spans the history of our country. We have to stand up and say something. Change starts with conversations – we have to be willing to listen and learn and enter into tough conversations, both with our Black brothers and sisters and with our white brothers and sisters. Silence won’t cut it. We have to start by saying something and STANDING UP for our Black brothers and sisters. I want to listen, I want to learn, I want to do better and be different. I want my kids to be different. Black lives matter and I am committed to taking a stand and affecting change – starting with myself. 

A very powerful statement from a very powerful man. It’s hard to overshadow a no-hitter, but Kershaw found a way to do it anyways. Reactions started to pour in from all over, including Dodgers players and fans. 

If you check in on the thread, you will also see plenty of fans from opposing fan bases praising the Dodgers’ lefty for choosing to speak up. We still have so far to go in this country, and in the world for that matter. But change starts with conversations and movements, and seeing something like this from Kershaw is phenomenal. Thank you for being a voice, Clayton. 

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