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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Confirms He’ll Be at the Super Bowl

The most important news of your Super Bowl Sunday! Free agent Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw will be in attendance at today’s big game. The left-hander told Dan Patrick earlier this week. In the conversation, he also revealed that he didn’t push for any ticket hookups, he went and did it the old fashioned way and will not be in a suite.

“I wasn’t too picky for the Super Bowl. I was just like, get in the game, but I’m a seat guy this time. I’m going to be in the seats. … I was like, ‘Matthew, are you busy this week? I know we text like once every two months, but if you can get me a few tickets.’ I actually went through the Rams and bought some tickets. I’m excited.”

Of course, Kershaw is childhood friends with Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, so his support will certainly be for the hometown team. The long-time LA icon also showed his love for the Rams in a video on social media that featured several Los Angeles dignitaries. 

At SoFi Stadium, however, Kersh will be playing it a little more low-key in terms of how he’ll stand out in a crowd. He told Dan Patrick that he thought about wearing a Stafford jersey but instead will likely keep it simple with a hoodie.

Before the game, Kershaw offered up some advice for the Rams QB which was essentially non advice. 

Keep an eye out for Clayton and other Dodgers today for Super Bowl 56!

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