Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Connects Virtually With Fans for Good Cause

Clayton Kershaw is a man of the people. Any Dodgers fan could tell you of his many accomplishments on the field, but it’s off the field where he makes a real difference in the world.

The Kershaw’s, working with their foundation, set up raffles in an effort to help with COVID-19 relief. Winners of those raffles got the opportunity to Zoom with Kershaw in an effort that raised over $80,000 in relief. On the calls, Kershaw said there was one major theme throughout. 

The fandom that people have for the Dodgers goes back generations and families. That was what’s cool to see. Everybody was talking about how their parents took them to their first game when they were little bitty, and how they grew up Dodger fans, just talking about what it means to them. It’s almost like a family tradition, but for a lot of people in Los Angeles. I knew that, but I think that was cool to see up close to hear personal stories of just how much the Dodgers team meant to them — not because it’s a baseball team, but because it was part of their family’s tradition.

The stories that come out of some of these Zoom calls are enough to make you fight back some tears, so we would encourage you to read through them here. Clayton and his wife Ellen have been working since 2011 to ensure the safety and well-being of vulnerable and at-risk children in Los Angeles, Dallas, Zambia, and the Dominican Republic. 

The money raised will go toward COVID-19 relief efforts by the Los Angeles Dream Center and Dallas-based Behind Every Door.

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