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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Feels LA Has ‘Everything We Need’ as Rumors Swirl

As the trade deadline rapidly approaches, it seems like more and more conversations have emerged about what the Dodgers need or should trade for. Rumors flying about how the Dodgers would be “so much better” if they picked up a superstar such as Juan Soto or Shohei Ohtani. 

But, LA ace Clayton Kershaw begs to differ.

The veteran pitcher told the Athletic he doesn’t believe any of the rumors swirling around the club about who they will pick up before August 2nd. 

“As far as our team is concerned, I don’t know if we have a lot of things that we necessarily need. It’s not as glaring as maybe in years past where like, ‘Hey, we really need X, we really need this,’ and they went out and got it.”

In this case, Kershaw is referring to the All-Stars that the Dodgers picked up in previous years: Mookie Betts in 2020, Trea Turner in 2021, and Freddie Freeman this spring. 

“Regardless of what we do at the trade deadline, we’re going for it. I think that’s great. I think we know that going into every season, and spring training was no different. I mean, we signed Freddie. We got everything we need right here.

Betts, Freeman, and Turner have been the power trio of the summer collecting win after win for the Dodgers. Betts blasted his 200th career homer just last week, Turner and Freeman lead the entire major leagues in hits taking the 1 and 2 spots, Freeman collected his 1000th career RBI just a few weeks ago.

Bellinger has seemed to come to life after promising grand slam last week and Trayce Thompson starting to get hot after being moved around 19 different major and minor league teams in his 13 year professional career.

Clearly, Dodgers offense has taken off lately as proven in the team’s 13-0 win over the Rockies just a few days ago while their starting pitchers have held it down on their end as well posting a 2.96 ERA which is currently the best in the league.

Now you see why Kershaw doesn’t want to make any sudden or big changes. Things are working and why risk adding another big star to the mix with the possibility of taking one away since we all know transactions for Soto or Othani won’t be cheap.

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  1. Kershaw is probably right, especially if Buehler, Treinen and May are in the equation. We don’t need Soto, but Martinez could be a help with his right handed power. And, if CT is ready to go, I think we’re set.

  2. Man you are so perceptiv!! Bellinger seems to have come to life sinse his grandslam???? 4 for 27 against 3 of the worst teams in baseball??? Actually that’s not bad for Bellinger.

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