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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Happy to Let Fans Handle the Astros in 2021

If anyone in baseball deserves to hold a grudge against the Houston Astros, it’s Clayton Kershaw. The Dodgers’ ace was already facing questions about his playoff legacy when the Astros cheated him out of a World Series ring in 2017. And while he dominated in Game 1, the rest of the series didn’t go so well. 

The good news is that Kershaw did get his ring in 2020, and pitched very well in the process. It turns out that it’s a little more difficult to hit him when you’re not cheating. Regardless, it seems like the Dodgers ace is way past ready to move on from the scandal.  

Kershaw recently made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to show off his World Series ring. The Dodgers southpaw was asked if he had seen the fans tormenting the Astros early on in the season, and Clayton sounded like he was happy to pass off that duty to others 

I did see that, I did see that. You know, you’re not going to let me let that go are you? The good thing is I don’t have to be hung up on it because there are so many other fans that are waiting their time for it, so I don’t have to worry about them. 

Dodgers fans will get their chance to mess with the Astros when they come to town in early August. Given that this is the first time they’ll be in Los Angeles with fans since the scandal broke, you can bet that it is going to be wild. The hope is that fans don’t throw stuff onto the field as they did in Anaheim, no matter how funny it might have been.

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The Astros cheated, plain and simple. They do deserve every bit of hate that they receive moving forward. But from the sound of it, the Dodgers are ready to move forward. They have their World Series rings, and they earned them the right way.

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  1. And this all comes back to the complete idiocy and irresponsibility of MLB’s FAILED commissioner who’s name is Manfred. I was glad to hear those Dodger fans who were in Texas for the celebration of the WS win boo Manfred off the face of this earth! He allowed those Astro players to get off without as much as even a slap on their wrists.

    1. Yep the Astros are trashcan champs! That was the trophy they should have been awarded. A trashcan full of rotten tomatoes. And they are fortunate Kennesaw Landis was not commissioner. There would be half of those players banned from baseball. The other half would have had serious suspensions.

  2. Astros should have been stripped of the title and players suspended and fined. Commissioner totally blew it.

  3. I think you have a small typo in first paragraph
    ” It runs out it’s a little more “

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