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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Injury Update During Spring Training

Clayton Kershaw is dealing with “irritation” in a joint according to Los Angeles Dodgers’ pitching coach Rick Honeycutt. This information made it’s way out on Saturday via the Los Angeles Times.

However, not all news on the subject is poor with Kershaw’s health. The staff ace is reportedly feeling a little better, and some things are getting figured out.

David Vassegh tells us that Kershaw is feeling a little bit better on Saturday. And, he’s got a little more dialogue from Honeycutt in regards to spotting the initial issues that Kershaw has been dealing with at camp.

Ken Gurnick adds that Kershaw is frustrated, and understandably so.

Look, it’s understandable. While it’s not a time to overreact to the news on Kershaw – it’s alright to take stock in that things aren’t quite completely roses for the veteran.

Recently, Kershaw admitted that he ‘wasn’t quite feeling right’ and didn’t expand upon the issue. He said he was going to take a few days off which led to the recent shutdown in activity.

Moreover, all of this followed Kershaw being sent home early this past Thursday due to a poor bullpen session.

While we all want to read about Kershaw looking the best he’s ever looked at this stage in the game, it simply isn’t realistic. Everyone’s body is a different chemistry set – and even the Justin Verlander’s of the world probably aren’t feeling at the top of their game at the moment.

It’s important to gauge Kershaw’s physical status and mound success as we get towards the end of March. Still, it’s encouraging to hear most recently that Kershaw is feeling better. Let’s all keep an eye on this and cross our fingers for the big fella.

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  1. A quick word about PED’s. they not only help with strength but in faster recovery. So when you bring up a 36 yr old pitcher who throws 100+ pitches at high velocity and keeps coming back for more I wonder how many cans of spinach Popeye ate! Barry Bonds seemed to get stronger and much better in his later yrs, and we all know why.
    Kershaw has too much class and integrity to go that route. Just saying!

    1. Class and integrity gets you nowhere in modern pro sports. If you aren’t cheating you aren’t trying to win and nice guys finish last. Look at those assstros pitchers they cheated the last 2 years with steroids and ball substances. The Red Sox pitchers cheated too

        1. All of the sudden Verlander goes from declining to being better than ever at his age, those nobodies Morton and McCullers JR became unhittable with unbelievable spin rates they are using substances and or steroids. The Red Sox have always cheated the last 15 years so no doubt they had some last year as well

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