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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Motivated By Teammates to Retire His Old Glove

It took the Dodgers over 32 years to bring a World Series back to Los Angeles. And while it was obviously a good thing to see it brought back to the city, getting to watch Clayton Kershaw finally get a ring made the wait worthwhile. 

It seemed like Kershaw carried the team for so many years, fighting through years of postseason heartbreak to get here. The Dodgers southpaw has changed a lot since winning that title, with coaches noting that it seems like a weight has lifted off of his shoulders. And he’s pitching like it too. 

But that’s not the only thing that’s different about Clayton Kershaw in 2021. The Dodgers ace is also sporting a new glove after retiring the glove that won him a title. In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, Kersh talked about how his teammates convinced him to retire the glove that defined most of his career. 

Walker Buehler and Joe Kelly during the playoffs they were kind of kidding around and were like, ‘Hey, if we win this thing, you need to retire that glove. It’s time.’ And I kind of blew them off and was like, ‘Yeah, OK. Whatever.’ But they just kept on me…The more I thought about it, they were right. So sure enough, we won and I put it away.

The glove now sits in a display case at his home in Dallas. Kershaw also talked about toying with the idea of pulling it out of retirement in Spring Training after a terrible start. His March with the Dodgers was…concerning, to say the least. 

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But Spring Training this year, I was pretty horrible. And so I was thinking about breaking into the glass and getting the glove back out. But so far so good. It’s still in safekeeping.

Heading in Friday night’s game against the Padres, Kershaw has not allowed a run in 18 innings of work. That success comes on the heels of a very rough Opening Day start in Colorado for the Dodgers. 

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