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Dodgers Clayton Kershaw Almost Missed Pederson’s Home Run Derby Performance

Indeed, we know that dad-life is Clayton Kershaw’s first priority. First off, that’s a good thing. Second, he took his adorable kids with him to All-Star week as should be expected. If you think it was a long night watching at home, imagine being a kid at the event.

While many of you were watching tonight’s Home Run Derby broadcast, you may have missed an interesting nugget during the filler time.

Moreover, Jessica Mendoza mentioned that Kershaw left the field prior to Joc Pederson’s second round against Vladimir Guerrero.

Empathically, it was a round that may go down as the greatest in the history of the contest. After several rounds of tie-breakers that left both contestants exhausted, Guerrero Jr. edged out Pederson by a single home run.

Luckily, Kershaw pumped the breaks before leaving the park and got to watch the round live at the stadium.

And even more lucky – his kiddos finally got to eat. Anyone that has young children know the tough spot that Kershaw found himself in. That’s a true catch-22 in every sense. Little Charlie and Cali need to eat, but Joc is slugging to get to the finals in the contest.

While fans remarked in a joking fashion on twitter, Kershaw once again shows us all that you can be a great dad and an All-Star pitcher all in the same breath.

We know where Cali wanted to be:

If you were Kershaw, what would you do in this situation? Let us know in the comments section below!

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