Dodgers Clayton Kershaw on Astros: ‘They Might Get Caught This Time’ to Dan Patrick

Clayton Kershaw was one of the Dodgers’ pitchers who got absolutely demolished in the Astros’ cheating system. If anyone has a right to be upset, it’s probably him and Yu Darvish. Kershaw called in to the Dan Patrick show to discuss playing games without crowds and the Astros. 


The call with Dan Patrick addressed several aspects of the Astros but touched on the idea of playing without crowds as well. Major League Baseball has suspended games as of now, but there is a chance teams could end up playing without spectators to start the season. Kershaw took full advantage to make a joke at the Astros’ expense. When Patrick said that it would be difficult for the Astros to use the garbage can, Kersh had a classic response. 

I think they might get caught this time, for sure. 

Kershaw and the Dodgers fell to the Astros in seven games during the 2017 World Series. In-game five, the Astros piled six earned runs on Kershaw en route to a 13-12 win. That set the stage for the Astros to take the series in a decisive Game Seven a few days later. 

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    1. The cool thing about following a team that cheats is the ability to maintain ignorance across all platforms. That’s okay, Houston. Just like Trump will forever be impeached, your baseball team will forever be labeled as Cheaters.

      I say, Get used to it.

      1. No they won’t everyone makes mistakes plus it’s been going on in baseball forever we just got caught all teams do it so don’t hate the Astros for something that has been going on for the longest time!!!!!

  1. I believe in punishment for wrongdoing in anything in life. But let’s get real here and look back at Baseball from the very beginning. There’s always been cheating of some sort, the only difference here is not everyone gets snitched on by a former teammate. Let’s get on with the season and grow up. It is what it is.

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