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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Reveals the Player With the Best Biceps on the Team

One of the best parts about the Dodgers winning the 2020 World Series has been watching the veterans enjoy it. Clayton Kershaw has certainly been a guy soaking it all in, and it’s shown in his interviews following the championship.

Kersh made an appearance on Intentional Talk this past week and talked a little bit about the Dodgers World Series. But the veteran southpaw also spent some time talking about something near and dear to his heart: good biceps. He revealed the guy with the best arms on the team, and we’re sad to say it’s no longer him. 

I would almost say Joc because Joc, his biceps, he’s sp genetically gifted with great biceps. He doesn’t have to do much. He rolls in there and picks up a weight and it absolutely explodes, it inflates like a balloon. It’s unbelievable the giftedness of that guy. I’m in there for hours just trying to get the right bicep. 

Kershaw has made plenty of appearances on tv interviews over the years wearing shirts with the sleeves cut off. And to be honest, if I had his arms, I would have a hard time wearing sleeves on my jersey too. The Dodgers ace later joked about the importance of his biceps and what it means for his career. 

Baseball is important and all, but really how your biceps look on tv is one of the more important things you can focus on as an athlete. So, I wasn’t gifted with amazing biceps by any means. But if you spend enough time doing only biceps, it will really hinder your baseball career but it will make your tv interviews a lot better.

Obviously some good-hearted fun by Kershaw, and we love to see this side of him. Ever since the Dodgers took home the title, he seems to be enjoying everything about life. If anyone deserves this win, it’s Clayton Kershaw. 

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  1. Jock hit some real bombs; so not a surprise. Good to hear a few funny things these days. Sounds like a stupid thing to talk about; but why not turn the page on the negative things of 2020? Let’s have some humor, some laughter, some LOVE! Let’s get back to a little America, baseball, and apple pie. Christmas Day. A day of togetherness, charity, love. A day of new birth. Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year.

  2. My guess was Rios, that guy is ripped with light tower power, he’s a 450 foot dinger waiting to happen every AB.

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