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Dodgers Clayton Kershaw Stands Up to Media After Game 5 Disappointment

After the Dodgers lose Game 5 to the Washington Nationals in the 2019 NLDS, Clayton Kershaw came out and met the media to answer questions about his performance.

Kershaw was brought in the top of the 7th inning with two outs and proceeded to strike out Adam Eaton on 3 pitches with a 3-1 lead. Dave Roberts sent Kershaw back out in the Top of the 8th to face Anthony Rendon, Juan Soto and Howie Kendrick, instead of Kenta Maeda despite Maeda’s recent performance in the series.

“I felt good about Clayton and when you got Rendon and Soto. I liked Clayton…… to not have Kenta go through Soto!” – Dave Roberts

“We’re home free” – Walker Buehler’s thoughts on Kershaw coming in after throwing 117 pitches

What happened next shocked the baseball world as Clayton Kershaw gave up back to back home runs to Rendon and Soto.

Clayton stood up to the media and answered the questions about what happened and how he feels right now:

“I let guys down in the club house. It’s a terrible feeling. I had one job to do. To get 3 outs. It cost us the game. There are no excuses. I didn’t make pitches.”

Clayton stood up like the man we’ve seen him grow up into and took the shots from the media. He even acknowledged the critics:

“Everything everyone says about me is true right now about the postseason.”

Kershaw was clearly emotional and took the entire loss on his shoulders, but we all know the team won’t let him do this and will do their best to take care of themselves to get through this rough patch together.

“We win as a team. We lose as a team” – Max Muncy

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  1. Kershaw did what he was supposed to striking out the man he was supposed to an shouldn’t have came back out the next inning he is not a reliever.

  2. The Dodgers were never going to win. They were never going to go beyond the NLCS. The Nats have better short series pitching. The post-season is all about the short series. 106 win is meaningless. Teams in the post-season are not intimidated by your regular season record, i..e. 2002 Mariners with 116 wins.

    1. Actually, the Dodgers were supposed to win. On paper, Buehler- Kershaw – Ryu, stand up to any three pitchers in the league. The problem is, Kershaw is a playoff and World Series choke job. Bottom line, he has cost us year after year and management refuses to accept it. They’ll ride with him and continue to die with him.

  3. Kershaw…….you are an amazing pitcher, human…… of the best !!!!! Like you said…..get back up and fight fight fight !!!

  4. Sad way to end our season. I know some comments are pretty raw, but we as fans also invest in this team in every way. So we should totally be allowed to bash and express our concerns and feelings. Why did Kershaw go out there and pitch? Why not Maeda? The game was almost ours! And I know almost doesn’t cut it, it DID NOT have to go down like that. I LOVE THEE DODGERS?? been a fan forever!

  5. The Dodgers fate was sealed back in July when the FO office, along with support of fans, were unwilling to trade top prospects for proven relievers. So as far as I’m concerned the Dodgers chose to hold onto talent instead of going ALL IN on winning it all this year. So rejoice and be happy that the Dodgers have top farm system and the future is bright…unless of course they don’t have a bullpen then that can’t hold a 3-1 lead.

  6. Why is there so little criticism of Joe Kelly. I wrote this elsewhere. This traitor SOB wiped out this entire season in one inning. Get him out of the NL, so that he cannot ruin the Dodgers a third time – 2013, for those with short memories – hitting Hanley Ramirez

  7. The Big Question: Why did Dave Roberts feel compelled to let Kershaw pitch the 8th inning? The answer: Because he has no confidence in his bullpen. A manager has to work with the tools he’s given. The General Manager provides the tools.

  8. On another post, I definitely criticized Kelly. But honestly, I believe that the damage was already done when Kershaw gave up the 2 HR’s that tied the game in the 8th. Still, I agree Kelly’s pathetic, all over the map, pitching allowed Howie’s Grand Slam. But why were either Kershaw or Kelly in Game 5’s ELIMINATION GAME with Kershaw’s history of post season woes and Kelly’s regular season unreliability? These managerial decisions were poor and illogical. But our offense was also not producing much after the energy of the early innings. The Nationals wanted this and they pulled it together when it counted….salivating…..especially after Buehler was out. Should’ve been Maeda and our “Soto specialist”, but it was not. And here we are our post-season over. Now we, Dodgers fans, have to gradually move on and hope that “next year” the necessary changes are made. But this one stung.

  9. Men left on base Seager stranding Bellanger twice but it wasn’t just one person I thought Martin should of started the Dodgers couldn’t to score after the second inning and tried to just sit on a lead The team they played was pretty good to

  10. I called for Dave Roberts to be removed last year…this guy can’t manage players…hasn’t a clue regarding pitching changes…knew Kershaw isn’t a good choice in playoff games…they needed to trade him during the regular season…they coulda gotten some substantial players for him then…not Roberts job…I know…GM’s job…a great season down the drain…again!

  11. good for him, no question he is the greatest pitcher of all time but in any game one calls on 1962 Koufax not 1992 Koufax same with Kershaw, do not expect 2014 Kershaw in 2019, why was Jansen resigned anyway? Its bad management…

  12. It is all about indecisive management. It is not like a surprise. They have known all season their bullpen SUCKS. Did they do anything about it at the trade deadline. No why spend money when you don’t have to. Until people stop going to the games and buying their Dodgers products. This will be the result. They have a bunch of young kids that look scared and over paid senior citizens.

  13. Andrew Friedman is the one they need to get rid of analytics only works during the season barely but not the playoffs you need a set lineup stop moving everyone around so they can gell with each other it will never work Friedmans way three years in a row Roberts does as he’s told

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