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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Teams Up With Matt Kemp and the Player’s Alliance

Clayton Kershaw giving back to the community is a reoccurring theme every single year that he has been with the Dodgers. Whether it is through his own foundation or an organization of a teammate, Kersh is always looking to do his part. 

This week, Kershaw reached out to former Dodgers teammate Matt Kemp to see how he could help with the Player’s Alliance in Dallas. The two ran into each other at a mall in Dallas before Christmas, and that’s where Matt let him know what would be happening with the Alliance this month. Naturally, Kersh jumped on board an opportunity to serve. 

They’re helping communities that need help, feeding them, and also giving baseball equipment to kids that might not have baseball equipment. That’s awesome, that’s how you spread the game that’s how you give people what they need. How can you not be on board with that?

The Player’s Alliance has a goal of creating an inclusive and diverse community within the sport of baseball. They are able to accomplish this by helping serve Black communities around the country and combatting racial prejudices to seek a level playing field for all. The Dodgers pitcher wanted to do his part in whatever way he could as he continues to grow. 

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That turned out to be by handing out food and baseball equipment to the underserved communities of his hometown of Dallas. Kershaw and Kemp were Dodgers teammates from 2008 to 2014, and then once again in 2018 when Kemp was traded back to LA. 

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    1. So is Kemp, though never given any credit. The Dodgers dissed him in 2019. Too bad, once a Dodger, always a Dodger, as they say.

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