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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Would Not Isolate in Arizona to Play

The Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw would normally be four starts into the season already, and likely would have just pitched against the Nationals on Sunday. Instead, he is at home with his family pitching to his kids rather than big-league hitters. 

The long-time Dodgers veteran joined SportsNet LA’s John Hartung to discuss quarantine life as well as his plans for the future. Most notably, Kershaw made it a point to discuss how he would not be okay with the rumored Arizona quarantine plan to get baseball started again.

Well I have two thoughts. One is I think it’s great we’re trying to figure something out…I will say that that situation that was played out, I don’t know who wrote the article or where it came from…I just don’t see that happening. I’m not going to be away from my family and not see them for four months. I just talked about how much Cooper(his newborn son) changes over one week, so to miss four months of his life right now, I’m just not gonna do it. 

The report that Kershaw is talking about was reported by ESPN’s Jeff Passan early last week. That reported suggested all teams isolate themselves in Arizona to get games going, something Kershaw says the Dodgers are split on the matter.

Ultimately its going to be a union decision…I can understand how someone maybe with no family that maybe its their first few years would be okay with baseball being played.

It’s a strange time indeed, and we’re just as hopeful that Major League Baseball will be able to come up with a more accommodating resolution. The Dodgers were supposed to be sixteen games into the season as of Monday night, and there does not seem to be an end in sight for this shutdown. You can watch more of the interview with Kershaw here.

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  1. He’s already made his money, he doesn’t care if there’s a baseball season. Fine dont play, they’ll probably be happy to void your contract. You aren’t essential dude. You aren’t playing baseball this year, period, if you don’t do something like the Arizona plan. The world isn’t going back to normal that fast for things that include 50k people sitting in ballparks. Good thing WW2 didn’t happen when Kershaw was around…gee he’d miss his kid getting a couple weeks older…sheesh, what a snowflake.

    1. I don’t think you understand the proposal. Baseball related people only in Arizona for however long the season is. No family for months. Kershaw isn’t the only one that disagrees with this plan either. It’s easy for you tough guy as you sit at home watching your baseball

  2. He needs to have a long conversation with a nurse, respiratory therapist or doctor working long shifts and isolating from their family during this crisis. As much a I want to see him playing, this is a time when sacrifices have to be made for the greater good. In the end, he will have a choice, something many today do not.

  3. I’ve got 33 million reasons I would play. So much for playing for fun…or the good of the game. Bye Bye when the next contract comes up. This will disappoint Dodger fans

  4. It is possible to rent houses in Airizona, and move you family to stay there , as opposed to a hotel suite during the short season. It is a small annoyance in order to earn tens of millions of dollars for a few months. Suck it up big guy.

    1. You don’t get that players and coaches and staff would all have to be quarantined together and that’s it no one else can be there.

  5. Good Kershaw,it’s about time somebody spoke up.Don’t give in to these idiot MLB executives or stupid fans.Life comes first and no sport is worth it.Just cancel the season already.I love baseball but I can wait.

    1. I agree there’s no more important things for people to deal with right now. Playing a season doesn’t do anything to help this crisis

    2. I am with you, Luis. All of these sidewinder ways of playing baseball are just awful. I don’t know how a serious fan could go for this. Baseball should be in major league baseball stadiums, late March to early November. Anything else is a screwy wop-sided gimmick with a copious quantity of asterisks wherever there is a space to put one… or a dozen.

  6. Exactly. Any player who won’t conform to the plan that’s hopefully coming should not be payed for the season.

  7. I have a neighbor who’s husband deployed to Iraq for 6 months. He’s come under fire 3 times. Before that he was gone 6 months for training. So he’s been away from his wife and 2 young children for a year straight. Kershaw considers it a hardship to be gone in Arizona for 4 months? Baseball would be a morale boost and a sign of better times ahead. Very disappointed in the attitude and have lost a ton if respect for him.

    1. Oh please a fake morale boost doesn’t end this pandemic and it’s not a sign of better times if they’re playing in Arizona unable to see their families during the season. Nothing about any of this would be normal therefore not a sign

      1. Nice job of letting the major points of my comments fly right over your head while addressing a minor point.

  8. So much for playing for the love of the game. I would have 33 million reasons to play now. As would literally everybody. Bye Bye when your next contract comes up. Then maybe we won’t have to endure you choking anymore

  9. I don’t see why they can’t play like usual and just have no fans at the stadium. People all over are working. Restaurant workers, construction, health care. They should just play. Their rating would be sky high.

  10. Sure comes off as a wee bit selfish. Apparently he does not realize that millions rely on baseball to have an escape from reality.

  11. Baseball has been America’s pass time longer than most can remember. It our momentary escape from reality, and now with the Corona Virus most people need that.
    I can understand wanting to be with family, especially a young growing child. Phoenix is a large metro area with many homes and condo style apartments. Kershaw’s income for one season is more than most fans will earn in 20 years. So suck it up Big Boy and rent a house. We the fans have put up with your “professional” antics during every playoff game when you do The Kershaw choke !

  12. People making comparisons to those who serve in the military or work in the medical field to playing baseball are disrespecting those that serve in the military and work in the medical field by trivializing the priceless contributions they make to our society. Military personnel and medical professionals understand that their chosen professions will at times require sacrifices and that’s something they signed up for. In contrast baseball is just a game.

    Kershaw is known as being a family man first everything else comes a distant 2nd including our need to be entertained. Instead, of sitting on your electronic devices and lamenting Kershaw for being a family man, maybe you should get off your device and try being half the family man Kershaw is!!

    Family first, always!!

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