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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw’s Realistic Take on the Freddie Freeman Signing

The Dodgers and their fanbase have to be excited about what is happening. Signing Freddie Freeman has seems to give the team a jolt of energy, and that showed when reporters started to talk to players at Camelback Ranch, 

Most of the feedback was elation in regards to the Freeman signing. And why not? Adding that sort of player into this Dodgers lineup has to be exciting for the guys already there. Adding Freeman gives them a real shot at another title in 2022. 

But Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw took a much more realistic approach when he spoke about it. He was obviously excited, but Kersh spoke to the media about what that means, and how the team has to make what they have work. Talent alone is not enough to win games. 

Kersh is right. Adding Freeman into this lineup doesn’t automatically make them title contenders. It just means that they need to figure out how to get all of the components to work together. 

If history has taught us anything, it’s that All-Star teams don’t always work out. The Dodgers have all of the pieces that they could possibly need to win a World Series this year, but that’s not enough.

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If you could poke holes in this roster, it’s almost certainly in the starting rotation. The uncertainty of Trevor Bauer also makes that a little more difficult. But regardless, getting Freddie Freeman into the lineup is huge. Be excited about it Dodgers fans. 

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  1. And it will also help to have a manager that knows what the hell he’s doing!!! Stop sucking a$$, Doc, and learn how to manage a game. That’s what Kersh is really trying to say nicely. This team doesn’t have to worry about its culture.

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