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Dodgers Clayton Kershaw On Starting Game 1 Of The World Series And More

Clayton Kershaw will face Dallas Keuchel and the Astros on Tuesday for Game 1 of the World Series. This will be Kershaw’s fourth start of the postseason so far. In his three starts prior, one against the Diamondbacks and two against the Cubs, Kershaw gave up seven runs in 17.1 innings of work. He has also been bitten by the home run ball quite a bit, giving up six in his three starts combined.

The Dodgers’ ace caught up with the media on Monday to talk about starting Game 1 of the World Series, facing the Astros, and so much more!

Here are some of the highlights, compliments of SportsNetLA!

On what it means to be in the Dodgers’ first World Series since 1988:

I didn’t know a ton of Dodger history at the time, but coming up, kind of gets ingrained in you. Which is a good thing. There’s not a lot of organizations that have the type of history that the Dodgers do. It’s been a pretty special thing and I hope, after this week is over, they can start talking about 2017 a lot more and 1988 a lot less.

On the “wow” moment in the postseason so far:

When we won in Chicago I think that was a pretty special moment for all of us, myself included. Getting to say you’re going to the World Series is a pretty special thing. We’ve had a few days now to let that sink in and now we’re not satisfied with that now… I think so far, that was a pretty special moment.

On butterflies before starting Game 1 of the World Series:

There’s always butterflies… Once you throw that first pitch it kind of all goes away, at least with me… Those butterflies in my stomach, when those leave, then I know it’s probably time to retire.

On what he enjoys about competing in the big stage the most and facing the Astros lineup:

Winning. Winning is the best part of that. I’m going to try to do that tomorrow.

They’re a great team. Their whole lineup is really solid… They won 100 games for a reason. Starts with Altuve and Correa in the middle of that lineup, they’re both exceptional baseball players. Really all the way down. They got a lot of guys that swing the bats well. I’m not going to do anything differently I guess, except try and not give up a home run and strike a few guys out.

On the team and how Dave Roberts has influenced it:

This team is special. I just think the care-factor with all of the guys. You want to compete, you want to play well for the guy next to you… It just goes back to caring about each other. Not to say that other teams that I played on didn’t, it just seems like this one, there’s something a little bit different that I can’t quite put my finger on but glad I’m apart of it.

I think just his overall attitude kind of carries out throughout the clubhouse. He is such an enthusiastic guy, positive guy. You can’t fake that over a six month season, 162 games… Kind of rubs off on all the other guys. We can pick each other up when somebody is struggling or somebody is hurt.

On what it means to have the Dodgers’ bullpen to back him up:

It’s huge. I think everybody knows on our team that when those guys come in the game it’s a really good feeling. That’s awesome to have. Such a luxury… It’s a great feeling for sure.

Listen to everything else Clayton Kershaw had to say here!

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