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Dodgers Close to Re-Signing Chris Taylor to a Deal

It’s been an offseason of a lot of heartbreak for Dodgers fans in Los Angeles. Over the last few days, they’ve had to watch guys like Corey Seager, Corey Knebel, and Max Scherer all sign new deals with different teams. And what were they rewarded with by Andrew Friedman? A free-agent contract for Daniel Hudson. 

But with just hours to go until MLB experiences a labor lockout, Andy appears to be rewarding fans. The Dodgers are reportedly close to re-signing Chris Taylor on a deal, per ESPN’S Jeff Passan. The deal is expected to be completed before the deadline at 11:59 pm eastern time. 

The deal makes losing Corey Seager a little easier for the Dodgers. Not only does it fill a need with the bat, but it allows for some defensive versatility that Dave Roberts and the team have stressed for so many years. 

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Ken Rosenthal reported that CT3’s deal is for 4 years and $60 million with a fifth year option that could bring the total value up to $73 million.

Taylor can play all over the diamond and has had a quality bat since joining up with the Dodgers. While the strikeout numbers have been an issue, there is no doubting his .804 OPS over the last 5 years with Los Angeles. 

Taylor hit 20 homeruns during the 2021 campaign and drove in 73 runs. That was huge, especially when the Dodgers went through a phase where so many guys were injured early on in the year. The deal is expected to be for multiple years. 

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  1. His strikeout numbers aren’t good, but he never gets cheated with his swings, and why at any at-bat he can hurt the opponent.

    1. Agreed, sometimes he’s CT3-Strikes and sometimes he’s CT3-Bombs. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life as a Dodger fan. As for the guys who would rather chase the big money and go play for a losing team personally I say “bye Felicia!”

  2. Thank goodness! Now it’s time to sign Freddie Freeman, Kris Bryant, Marcus Stroman, and Carlos Rodon.

  3. Expect one more deal from the Dodgers as lockout begins tonight at 8:59 PM PST. After that no FA can negotiate or sign new deals, and no trades can be conducted.

  4. Love how it is “pending a physical.” He’s been a Dodger for five years. You would think they already know if anything is wrong with him?

  5. This was the news I was expecting. Whatever they paid him, they got the same WAR as Seager, at about 1/4 the price. Agree with Friedman’s moves so far, so important to keep financial flexibility if you want to be WS competitive every year. Seager and Scherzer were WAY overpaid. I don’t care if they let Kershaw and Jansen walk, Taylor was the guy they couldn’t afford to lose. I trust Friedman to bring in some dynamic pieces to load up the roster. Some new pieces will be refreshing.

    1. spot on Jackson. CT3 was a steal at any price, and needed back for sure. Nice to sew this up b4 the lock out.

    2. It’s a good signing, but let’s not go nuts and say they have the same WAR. Seager’s WAR per PA is significantly higher than Chris’s over the past 6 years. It’s not even close.

      Last year alone in 409 PA’s Seager posted a 3.7 WAR.
      Taylor in 582 PA’s posted a 2.7 WAR.

      The versatility is where Taylor’s value is, but in terms of every day position players, they do not compare… hence the large disparity in price tags.

      1. John your point is correct regarding WAR per plate appearance. The other side is the Dodgers have played something like half their games without Seager for the last 4 years due to various injuries. I suspect he will have some great years, he is a gifted hitter, but with surgeries already on his elbow and hip in his early 20s, I don’t like his chances of living up to the value of his contract into his late 30s. I wish him the best, he was a good player, a professional in every sense of the word. Not a dynamic shortstop or runner, not an inspirational personality or team leader, 8 years at $225M would make sense, not that its my money, but when you overpay a guy it takes away from what you can pay other guys. In the big picture, total WAR, not WAR per plate appearance, is more relevant for monster contract guys.

  6. Re-signing Chris Taylor was always a must. Seager is a bit of a loss but that is why T. Turner was acquired; the writing was apparently on the wall and the Dodgers planned ahead.I could’ve cared less about Scherzer.

  7. Yay, an A+ for resigning Chris Taylor! He’s one of the most unsung players on the team. He never complains about what position he’s put at, or if he’s sitting on the bench. This guy plays even when hurt! I’m so relieved that they are resigning him. What a relief! I’m now hoping we retain Kersh & Kenley! As for Corey, oh well, not worth what he was signed for by the Ranger. Mad Max is good, but only if given 5/6 days rest. He’s blaming the Dodgers for his dead arm? I guess being 38 has nothing to do with it. How about offering Pujols a million to be a designated hitter? He’s not going after the big bucks anymore, but the chance to add to his stats. Just what he can share with the other guys would be worth that money!

  8. You know the guy at work who just works hard and gets things done? That’s CT3. So happy we got him back!

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