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Dodgers: Closer Kenley Jansen May Miss Upcoming Colorado Series

Before the Dodgers squared off against the Mets at Chavez Ravine on Labor Day, news broke about Kenley Jansen’s status for later in the week. Jansen is a full-go for the next three games at home against the Mets. Still, the Dodgers travel to Colorado for a three-game set this coming weekend. Of course, this is the scene of the original crime where Jansen’s heart issues cropped up.

It sounds like there is a bit of a debate ongoing in regards to the safety of the reliever traveling with the team for the series.

What’s Being Said

Jansen said his status is uncertain, as the club and medical professionals are debating the risks of returning him to the Mile High City, where Jansen also had an irregular heartbeat in 2012, leading to offseason ablation surgery. He expects to have another procedure this winter.

“It’s being debated,” Jansen said. “It’s tough.”

“With Kenley and altitude and going to Denver, it’s certainly going to be a conversation we’re going to revisit during this series,” manager Dave Roberts said on Monday. “The No. 1 priority that we’re all aligned on is that Kenley’s health is first and foremost the priority. If there’s any hesitation on his part or the doctors say the altitude can affect him in any way, then for us, it’s a no-brainer to have him stay back. So we haven’t made a decision yet. We’ll have those conversations and make that decision in the next couple of days.”

Jansen’s heart issues have only ever become an issue when traveling to the Mile High City. He reiterated that he’s not in fear of his health, but rather handicapping the team if he’s unable to pitch for any reason.

Nevertheless, at press time of this article, the Dodgers and Rockies are tied for first place in the division with identical records of 75-62.


This remains a slippery slope, and it’s unfortunate that it’s going to come to a head during one of the most prominent series of the season. If you’re reading between the lines – it sounds like the club will elect to leave Jansen behind when they travel to face the Rockies. Jansen has looked close to his old self during his last two appearances, and the risk outweighs the reward to have him for three games but risk losing him for the remainder of the season and possibly postseason.

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  1. Dave Roberts blew another one.. lost count as to how many that has been…When will they get rid of this clown?????

    1. Having a garbage bullpen doesn’t help but Roberts is managing more and more like Don Mattingly. Every stupid game the lineup is different. What good are home runs if the team can’t get an occasional clutch hit?

  2. I agree with both of you, but most important : don’t expose Jansen to the Denver altitude again. We need him for the other remaining games. Let the rest of the team carry us through Denver.

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