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Dodgers: Clubhouse Going Through Some Understandable Frustration

The Dodgers dropped another extra-innings game on Wednesday night in Chicago. It completed a three-game sweep by the Cubs that really highlighted just how far the team is from their usual selves. 

Having lost 13 of their last 17 games, there’s expected to be some frustrations within the clubhouse. Especially after hard-fought games that lead to extra-innings like the last few nights. It’s worse when any leads they get late are constantly wasted. 

Max Muncy spoke about the frustration with the team following the loss. The Dodgers first baseman appears to be breaking out of his offensive slump, but it’s going to take more than that. According to him, the whole team knows that they’re better than this.

Yeah, we’re absolutely frustrated. We’re way better than this. Period. We’re way better than this. Period.

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The frustration could be heard just in the way that Muncy approached the question. And it’s entirely understandable at this point. The Dodgers should be winning these games and they’re just not getting it done. Dave Roberts touched on the things leading to the team’s failure. 

The bottom line is that the little things across the board we’re just not finishing, executing the way we’re capable of doing. And like I said last night, and it sounds like I’m on repeat but we need to do a better job.

Walker Buehler had a pretty good outing wasted by the Dodgers’ inability to come through in big spots. That was on the offense and the defense Wednesday night. But he hasn’t lost faith, knowing they have the right guys to turn things around. 

Obviously, we’ve got to expect some of these things to turn for us. I think we have the people in this clubhouse to get the big hit or make the big pitch.

At this point, who knows what it’s going to take to get the Dodgers out of their funk. But you gotta figure at some point things are going to start going their way. We can only hope to be so lucky at this point. 

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  1. The Dodgers really have to start losing their games in regulation. At least that way they don’t prolong our suffering!

    1. It’s like 2018 all over again. Really long losses where you think they might actually be turning it around at certain points

  2. Sounds like someone needs to sacrifice a water cooler or a bat rack or a locker or table full of post game food or something..

  3. Thank God we won the world series. Hugely grateful for that. It’s a long season and all the key injuries. No Beli or Mckinstry hurts as well as does pitchers down who can close out late innings or extra innings. But in past years despite their stats not being impressive it was Kike and Pederson getting key hits when others had a slump or off night. It’s obvious many are slumping and under achieving but where’s the bunt them over sac fly? I realize the rookies haven’t come through and eventually guys on the farm needed a shot, BUT WHAT NOW!!! Kelbert Ruiz let him hit and stay on club. For all his ups and downs Pero Baez we could use even Dylan Floro. I could see going 8-9 with all the injuries but 4 and 13. SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE… Can Andrew Toles come back?

    1. Pero Baez – funny!- many fans wanted gone for years – be careful what you wish for! Zach made all of us forget Kike and Joc combined!!! he’s injured, but he’ll be back. Losing Bellie like we did – damn pitcher cleated him at first base – was bad luck, hopefully he’ll return this month. Losing May was huge! So many injuries – it’s gonna take time to get past them and back on track. The good news is they are close to first place in NL West, so this slump hasn’t hurt them much.

  4. What was Contreras’s problem last night? Idiot doesn’t think another team should see if he was blocking? Moron

  5. There is some good news. The Dodgers don’t play today. So they can’t lose. That will be a refreshing change. Seager’s lack of defense is really starting to hurt this team. Lux isn’t any better.

    1. Good evening to all here. Not much more to add but for the fact is that Roberts had less in game tough decisions to make last year as we at least had an extra hitter in the lineup instead of a pitcher batting. He was able to manage the pitching a bit better too. Well we are now in 2021 and we have seen these decisions become a real challenge for him. The Dodgers have already a few occasions where a pitcher was needed to PH late Irish the bases full and the game on the line. But that is a result of having a short bench with a 14th pitcher on the roster.

  6. I think it’s time people begin bracing themselves for the obvious seasons end outcome that there will be no repeat WS champions in 2021. I’ve seen enough this season to draw the following conclusions:

    1. Kenley Jansen isn’t the only unreliable pitcher in the bullpen. Whenever games go into extra innings I turn the game off because it doesn’t matter which Dodger pitcher from the bullpen is in you can can almost guarantee they will walk, hit or give up a hit to the batter to put men on base and eventually lose the game. That’s how it’s played out so far with frustrating regularity. Just think, if want longer than six weeks ago Dodger pitching was touted to be the best in the majors. Now, they’re just a sad joke.

    2. The offense just stinks. It’s worse than that. But, if I say how bad it really is my post would be deleted and I’d get banned from this forum. It’s a laugh to think back on all the optimism of the Dodgers winning 120 games this year. The way they’re playing they’ll be lucky to win 60 games. I don’t know what the answer is to this sad state of affairs. Certainly sitting, or, sending down players who are not producing. It’s sad an unproductive player has to get hurt before DR will take them out of the lineup.

    3. Injuries!!! Geez, do the fates hate the Dodgers? Dustin May throws a pitch and he needs TJ surgery. Bellinger gets accidently cleated and is out 2 months and it goes on… Zach M, David price, Edwiin Rios (Does he know how to hit?), Graterol, Alexander, etc. So many key players keep going down.

    So, just managing expectations here, but, with our bullpen so bad and Dodger hitters resting on past achievements and thinking they can just cruise into the playoffs with little effort are finding that’s not true. I don’t think Dodger fans should get their hopes up for this year’s outcome.

  7. If we can’t generate runs you have to try something different. Bunt or hit the other way to advance runners, hit and run, don’t double switch players so you have no one left to pinch hit. Don’t put the same hitters who haven’t had a hit in weeks expecting them to suddenly turn it around. Don’t use the same pitchers who are giving up the lead or losing games. If you keep doing the same things and keep losing, chances are you will fail. Need a shorter leash. It’s not little league , everyone doesn’t have to play Every game.

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