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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Attributes Game Saving HR to a Couple of Teammates

If you’re like most fans watching Game 3 of the NLCS, you probably had given up hope in the Dodgers coming out with a win, especially with the way they were playing. I don’t blame you one bit. However, nothing is guaranteed in the game of baseball and that’s what makes it so exciting.

Down by 3 in the bottom of the 8th, life could be seen in the Dodger dugout and in the fans that packed the stadium. One swing changed the outcome of the game and shifted the momentum from one side to the other. Ironically that one swing came from the one player who you wouldn’t expect, Cody Bellinger.

“With the team that we have, we’ve been in similar situations before,” said Cody Bellinger. “You know one hit in the postseason for both teams, with the lineup we have especially, one hit can change things and get energy back in the dugout.”

We’ve already seen the energy that erupts from the Braves dugout after a single hit, and that’s sometimes all they need to get the ball rolling. We’ve seen it so far this postseason and we’ve seen a lot of it during last year’s NLCS matchup as well.

With the disappointing performance of the offense to that point, it left little hope of a comeback and even the clinching of an NL Pennant if the Dodgers fell to 0-3. Yet, Bellinger’s swing changed the complexion of the game. Despite his game-saving swing, he shared the praise with his teammates.  

“I don’t know. I don’t have that swing without Will and AJ though. They, like I said, really brought the energy into the dugout and when I’m walking up to the plate I just try to continue that and continue to pass the baton.”

Back-to-back singles by both Will Smith and AJ Pollock breathed some life into an otherwise flat offense. Without their hits, the inning would’ve been over which would’ve put even more pressure on Bellinger and the rest of the lineup in the 9th. Whether it was Cody who saved the day or a collection of key hits, the Dodgers’ hopes for a series win are still very much alive. 

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  1. Yeah it was and tonight is a must win game too because the last thing we want to see is the Braves clinching the NL Pennant on our home turf. A win thus means Braves can’t clinch the Pennant here.

    1. That was the biggest hit for the Dodgers since Kirk Gibson in the post season. IMO if the Dodgers want to get this thing rolling , DRRRRRRRR should hit Trea T 5th, and JT 6th….CT3 should hit 3rd….First off Trea and Justin both need the pressure taken off of them and CT3 is about the hottest hitter so get him more Ab’s for god’s sake…. Drrrrrrrrrr’s revolving line ups are ridiculous anyways, why not screw up the Braves matchups with pitching.

      1. Kirk, we both agree about the Turners. But I would run the lineup:

        RF Betts
        SS Seager
        C Smith
        CF Bellinger/Gibson lol
        LF Taylor
        1B Beaty
        2B T Turner
        3B J Turner
        P Urias

        Lux in CF? Did game 3 not teach us anything???

        1. Braves can’t pitch around both Smith and Belli with CT3 behind them. As it stands now, they walk Smith to pitch to JT, no brainer.

        2. I’d have 1. Betts. 2 – Seager. 3-CT3 4. Smith 5. Trea 6. JT 7. Bellinger 8. Beaty. Urias This line up with the way they are performing is like having two power and speed mixes. 1-4 all protect each other, 5-8 has speed and power, and Beaty as your contact hitter.

          1. Ok but Smith won’t see a pitch to hit with Trea behind him. Belli won’t see anything either with Beaty behind him. Gotta have the hottest hitters going back-to-back to force Braves to pitch to them IMHO.

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