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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Has Been Playing With Knee Tendinitis Since May

On Wednesday afternoon, Cody Bellinger provided the Los Angeles Dodgers with one of their lone highlights. While the right fielder hit his 26th home run at Chase Field in Arizona, the team lost the game by a wide margin.

Of course, we will post that here in case you were at the office when it happened.

However – after the game – a little piece of news broke. Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts told Bill Plunkett of the OC Register that Bellinger has been bothered by some left knee tendinitis since May.

Late in the game, Bellinger was double-switched to the bench which at first looked like a strange move; even in a blowout. Now, this move makes a bit more sense.

Moreover, when asked about the knee tendinitis; Bellinger said that the malady has ‘cleared up’. Still, it’s something to keep an eye on as the season wears on.

Furthermore, if you’re one of those fans who has wondered about the recent rest days for Bellinger (two sits within a week, now this on the heels of a complete day off), it begins to add up.

Without going into major analysis, hopefully this isn’t something we hear much more about. Anyone who has had tendinitis in a joint knows it can really be a matter of pain management. At it’s worst, it can be kind of debilitating.

At the current time, Bellinger is hitting .354 with a 1.163 OPS on the year. He’s also approaching a 6.5 bWAR on the season, which already has him approaching all-time Dodgers franchise records in that category at the halfway point.

Players need health and luck along with talent for historic seasons. At this point, fingers are crossed Cody stays in one piece.

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      1. In this case, Bellinger can perhaps be taken out of a run away game either way for a while at least. And thankfully he is smart enough to decline partaking in that HR Derby. clint I am howeverNOT AT ALL IN FAVOR OF REDUCINT THE BENCH TO JUST 3 PLAYERS AND ACTUALLY JUST 2 PLUS THE BACK UP CATCHER .

    1. Yeah I have no issue with him coming out of blow outs after he’s had a few ABs. I do feel like he’s gotten his share of rest though. He is 23, not 33. He says that the knee is fine – which I only put about half stock in – but I don’t think a day of rest every 6 or 7 games is going to do a ton for tendinitis if it is an issue.

      It’s mostly – and this is my opinion – Roberts just kind of getting cute and tinkering. Just let the guy play, he’s in the running for a triple crown and MVP.

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