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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Has Some Thoughts On Why Baseball Doesn’t Appeal to Everyone

The Dodgers are not like every other team in baseball. Not every club around MLB draws in close to 4 million fans a year in attendance, or even close to their 49,000 average per game. Baseball isn’t necessarily a popular sport across the country.

All of that can be tied into a big issue in baseball, and that’s been the inability to market the players or the game. MLB has tried rule changes to speed up the pace of play as well as changing the structure of a baseball to make games more exciting. Dodgers fans are obviously very familiar with those changes over the years.

But for the Dodgers’ Cody Bellinger, the season might just be too long. He spoke with Yahoo’s Adam Caparell about the issue of growing the game moving forward. 

It’s hard to get behind a 162-game season. I think that’s the hardest part because a lot of people tell me they love watching playoff baseball. So I get it.

Bellinger also offered a bright side to the game moving forward. The Dodgers outfielder has loved what MLB has done with the presentation of the game, especially in a year when fans weren;t able to attend games.

But what I think MLB is doing a good job with now is with different camera angles to see how fast the game is actually being played. Because it looks so easy on TV—like every other sport. But you get these different camera angles and you’re like, “That ball is coming really, really fast.”

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MLB is making small adjustments but not always in the right direction. Removing the popular universal DH is a great example of them taking a step back in growing the game. Because of that, the Dodgers will have to adjust from the gameplan in place from 2020. 

And while 60 games probably isn’t the answer to all of our problems, there are a whole lot of ways to make the game appeal to a wider audience. We’ll get there. 

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  1. I disagree that using a DH is good for the game. Maybe it’s good for the fan who doesn’t really understand strategy. I like that managers need to use more strategy when the pitcher has to hit. It’s real baseball.

    1. Yes I agree!! The DH cheapens baseball, removing strategy and self-enforcement of pitchers throwing at the other team’s hitters. Ban the DH altogether!!!

  2. MLB and Manfred took a HUGE step back in growing this game by taking the DH out of the NL and I would bet this has to be a big turn off for most involved in the game. MLB obviously don’t have the fans interest in mind with the stupid belief that there’s no health and safety issue in play here as far as pitchers go. Will Smith had a great 3 for 4 game at the plate with 2 doubles but because of MLB’s stubbornness he will be on bench and out of starting lineup when Barnes catches Buehler tonight. Nothing against Barnes, but instead of Will Smith being in middle of lineup as a DH, the pitcher has to bat instead. Enough said.

  3. I don’t like the DH. There have always been pitchers who “help themselves” with a timely hit. Don Drysdale for instance. As to the long season, I watch every game that I can and in the off season watch Major League and Bull Durham.

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