Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Has Walked Out of the Shadows of Platooning

Cody Bellinger didn’t mix his words early in spring training when he said he didn’t want to be platooned. Now, it appears the Dodgers are willing to let their 23-year old wunderkind sink or swim. On Wednesday – the day before the regular season begins – Bill Plunkett of the OC Register has a great read worth checking out.

Moreover, I like how Plunkett worded things within his tweet to the story. Plunkett says Bellinger has ’emerged from the dark side of platooning’. Equally important, the organization see Bellinger as an everyday player for the time being.

This sentiment was echoed by Andrew Friedman within two quotes. Indeed, Friedman spoke towards why Bellinger was platooned in 2018, and why he may not be this season.

“Had we had a meaningful lead in our division, we probably would have just let him play it out. The fact that it was so tight we felt that was the best thing to do to help us win our division.”

Belllinger has emerged, Friedman said, with a better “mindset, approach, thinking about right-handed pitchers and left-handed pitchers differently” – things that have put Bellinger “in a really good mental space” and make the Dodgers confident a return to platooning won’t be necessary.

Furthermore, Bellinger has touched up a few left-handed pitchers thus far this spring. It could be a sign of good things to come. For example, last night he christened Dodger Stadium with a bomb to dead center. A true beauty in all ways.

Unfortunately, I won’t be tallying that one in the Bellinger Bomb Chronicles because it wasn’t regular season. However, that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable! Hopefully, Bellinger gives me something to write about tomorrow!

Must-Read Material

Definitely check out the full article over at OC Register which details Bellinger’s work with the hitting coaches. Also, quotes from Dave Roberts and the player himself provide a nice backdrop of what it’s like to win the NL Rookie of the Year, and then suddenly not know what you’re doing offensively. Definitely, Plunkett comes strong with a nice story on the eve of all that is sacred for baseball fans!

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