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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger is Going to Be a Girl Dad

Dodgers fans got the biggest shock of the season this week when they found out Cody Bellinger was going to be a dad. His girlfriend Chase Carter made the announcement on Instagram and showed off her baby bump in a post this week while also celebrating Belli’s birthday. 

Today, we found out that Belli is going to be a girl dad. Carter once again posted a clip on Instagram with a confetti popper filled with pink confetti for Bellinger. The 26-year-old is having a baby girl. 

Quite the birthday week for Bellinger

Other Dodgers News

The Dodgers have changed the scheduled Trevor Bauer bobblehead giveaway for August. The team officially pulled the giveaway 2 weeks ago, but they replaced it with a new item this week. That should satisfy fans that paid a premium to go to that particular game. 

Mookie Betts took the All-Star Game off in hopes of recovering and getting back to 100 percent. Just 1 game out of the break and it already appears to have paid off. Dating back to the last 2 games before the break, Betts is absolutely on fire

Corey Seager sounds like he is going to be taking some live at-bats today in Arizona. If all goes well, the shortstop could be back VERY soon.

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  1. Couldn’t have married before he knocked her up? Bet Mom and Dad are happy.
    And how about a haircut, Cody.

  2. Congratulations. Take as much time off as you need to take care of your girlfriends needs. Better yet, just take off the whole season.

  3. Mama was dumped by Giancarlo Stanton….sure it’s a gonna be just wonderful for his career. It’s already paying dividends. Almost broke .180

  4. Trade him while you can get something for him. Otherwise you’ll be stuck with him like the Yankees are with Stanton!

    1. Why can’t the hitting coaches go over video with Bellinger and make some changes as to where he sets up in batters box and/or his swing mechanics (maybe he should hold bat more vertically as he awaits pitch)

      1. Because we don’t have real coaches just more FO puppets like Roberts. If coaches and managers actually ran this team these horrible hitting habits/managerial moves we see would not go on as long as they do

    2. hitting .180 with his brain in his pants, you can’t get a washed up minor leaguer for Cody!

  5. A young immature Cody will have more girl problems and baby visuals fogging his head to focus on baseball. He’ll have so much on his plate that he could be a liability in big moments. It looks like he’s in shock mode and she looks like she won a lottery. Boy, I hope he can find the balance and refocus on his career.

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