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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Not Expected to Miss the Regular Season

The Dodgers are in a good position right now. Despite missing some big names in the outfield for the past week, Los Angeles already got back AJ Pollock and Chris Taylor this week. With the added stellar play of Gavin Lux out there, they’ve been just fine. 

Even without Cody Bellinger in the lineup, the Dodgers still line up very well defensively. Their bats are even better without the struggling former NL MVP in the lineup on a daily basis. But that does not change the fact that they want him healthy and ready to go in October. 

Bellinger’s fractured ribs initially were not a concern for Dave Roberts and the Dodgers. But after not being able to play for a few games, they decided to place him on the injured list. Despite the timing and the fact that there are just 8 games left, Doc is not ready to end his season. 

It’s more kind of, you just don’t know. There is no setback, it’s progressing each day and it’s getting better, he’s hitting on the field. I’m certain he’s not done for the season, I just don’t want to put us in a situation, or Cody, where there’s an exact time of return. Because no one knows that. 

Doc had said this week that Bellinger was progressing a little slower than they would have liked in his return from that injury. But the Dodgers are not counting him out of the regular season, and that’s got to mean something. 

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The final game of the season is just over a week from today, meaning Bellinger would need to be back pretty quick. The Dodgers don’t seem too concerned with getting him at-bats beforehand, especially since he was already struggling at the plate as it is. 

Still, it will be interesting to see if he does make it back before the year is over and if he has a consistent spot in the lineup during their postseason run. 

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    1. Meant *Cody obviously.

      An editor sure would be 21st century’ish. Heck, I could edit posts in bulletin boards in the 90s, for that matter.

  1. I don’t understand why you are acting like it’s a big loss not to have him in the line-up and we can’t wait to get him back. The Dodgers “want him healthy and ready to go in October?” Nothing could be further from the truth. He should be “ready to go” to the minor leagues to work on his hitting, not playing for the Dodgers. He has been a detriment to the team all season. there is no way he should be on the post season roster

    1. The reality is that after tonight’s Dodger loss and Giants win, Dodgers are now again 2 games back with 7 to play. Reality is Dodgers will have to host the Cardinals, the hottest team on the planet who now have won 15 straight in that WC game on October 6th. The way the offense looked tonight against AZ and it just could be going home time for Dodgers after that one and done game. Pity that could possibly happen to a team who wins 100+ games. That’s all the more reason this current Wild Card format MUST CHANGE

    2. Good news! The Dodgers really need Bellinger in the lineup for the WC game so he can go 0-5 with 4 K’s and leave 7 runners LOB. In his postgame interview Roberts will just say that Bellinger hit into bad luck and that he’s very close. He’ll also be hoping that no one will notice that Lux and Pollock spent the game on the bench.

      1. Roberts the Clown is nothing more than a f#@k-up. A clueless idiot with his loverboy faves.

  2. Another outstanding performance by the best team in baseball and a $260 million payroll! They look like dead men walking. I guess the Dodgers get to play the hottest team in baseball in the WC game. If by some miracle they get thru that game they get to play Giants in LDS. The Giants have beat them like a drum. It ain’t looking to good.

  3. For Roberts and Dodgers to expect really anything from Bellinger with only 7 games left is a waste of time. And I would think twice before Dodgers think he should automatically have a starting spot during the PS. .

  4. No way he should be back … First of all if can’t believe that pollack is not playing everyday … he’s been most consistent player … Bellinger should be in Minors.. even when he makes contact , he has not power behind it …
    K’s too many times … swings at bad pitches .. let’s good ones go … he’s lost and needs rehab in minors idea of the law of averages had not played out for. Belle .. and it’s been too long s time frame to continue ..
    Let him start preparing for next year … should not be activated for playoffs … 3 or 4 fly balls a game does not justify his playing .. sorry belle .. but with your speed u need to change your approach on hitting …

  5. The Mendoza Line used to be the low mark for futility at-bat. We now have the Bellinger Line which is a remarkable 40 points lower at 160! Will anyone ever get that many at-bats in the MLB hitting 160 again? Bellinger has not changed his stance or approach. He hits into the defensive shift when he does manage to make contact or on inside pitches, he pops up. His numbers against left-handed pitching are even worse!
    Doc says it’s all about defense but Bellinger has been an absolute rally killer this year. Will Bellinger fix his problems this winter? It depends he was below average in 2020 also and not good in any of the playoffs. Pitchers continue to change how they pitch a batter. They have found the holes in Bellinger’s attack. Bellinger has not been willing to change if he continues that he will not succeed. Bellinger cannot hit the inside pitch nor can he hit an outside breaking ball. If a pitcher has control Bellinger is toast. Please sit him down until he changes his stance and mental approach.

    1. @Tmaxster

      hahaha, you gave it a great name… we now have the ‘Belli-Line’… Lasorda has to be chuckling at that one.

  6. All excellent comments (and I absolutely agree) but try posting this stuff on the Dodgers subreddit. You’ll be downvoted into oblivion.

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