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Dodgers Cody Bellinger Record 30 Home Runs Before All-Star Break

If you were a fan of the ‘Cody Bellinger Bombs’ series, we have a special treat in store for you. After all, Bellinger just finished a first-half of the 2019 season in which he blasted a club-record 30 home runs.

Obvously, there’s nothing I love more than a good old fashioned home run. While it’s great to see anyone hit one, there’s special added significance when it’s Cody Bellinger.

Perhaps all of Los Angeles understands the impact of when a ball hits the seats off Bellinger’s Louisville Slugger.

So in honor of Cody and his home run trot, let’s throw it back. Indeed, I am paying homage to the new MLB commercial with that line. Enjoy this, and send it to a friend who will enjoy it!

Cody Bellinger’s First Half Home-Run Video Montage:

Bellinger Home Run Facts

In the past, we liked liked to provide some facts about every Bellinger home run. Here are a few nuggets you might enjoy. Certainly, they make for some interesting chatter about the long-balls the Dodgers’ slugger has been hitting this year.

That one reads interesting for anyone who says Bellinger isn’t ‘clutch’. Without question, Bellinger has been hitting his shots when it counts in 2019.

Next up, something that will mystify the mind.

Go ahead and read that again: Bellinger has homered on three different dates in which the number of home run, matched the date.

One more fun Bellinger-bomb factoid for you: he hit his 25th home run of the season in 2018 and 2019 against the same pitcher. Indeed, that pitcher was German Marquez of the Colorado Rockies. Of course, the biggest difference was that one occurred in the first half of a season, and one was in game 163.

Tell Us About Your Favorite Bellinger Bomb

Which one of these is your favorite? For me, it’s either the one off Jacob deGrom or the walk-off moonshot off Arizona’s Yoan Lopez. My reasoning is simple – it was his longest home run of the season – and he got revenge for the Joc Pederson situation on Lopez.

If still permitted to score Bellinger home runs, that would be my first ’10-plus’ ever.

Let us know in the comments below which Bellinger blast you hold near and dear, if it’s possible to pick just one. And of course, let us know why!

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  1. Clint, was impresses me the most are those 11 HR’s hit so far against LHP alone! Some guys won’t reach double figures in HR’s for the year! OH and BTW, a few days ago I proclaimed Bellinger as my favorite Dodger now!

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