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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Talks About Winning A World Series Ring

Bob Nightengale has been tweeting about the Dodgers lately. The reason for that is he’s been doing a feature story on Cody Bellinger. Surely, Nightengale is the latest and greatest national writer who wants to tell you about the Dodgers right-fielder.

Of course, the reason for this Bellinger’s interest is picking up on the mainstream and national level; outside of Los Angeles.

Nightengale and Bellinger talked about the Dodgers winning a World Series, and the other things that come with stardom in USA Today.

Currently Bellinger has a 12-game hitting streak. He’s clearly been the best offensive player in baseball this season – and perhaps the best overall. However he tells Nightengale that the accolade on his mind is winning a World Series, and the flare that comes with it.

“He’s [Clay Bellinger] got three of those rings, and I’m always reminded of it,’’ Bellinger says. “We need to get one. And then keep going to pass him.”

Then, Nightengale talked with former big leaguer Clay about what his son faced in 2018 with seeing some platoon time with the Dodgers.

“When you go from where you are your rookie year, and then sitting on the bench,’’ Clay Bellinger said, “it was hard to watch. He obviously was upset with it, but just didn’t tell people. You can say you’re ok with it, but when you’re a competitor, you’re not. He came out this spring, and it was like, ‘I’m going to prove to you that I’m an everyday player.’’

Cody circles back within the interview several times to mention the Dodgers winning it all in 2019. Clearly, that’s what is on his mind beyond any statistic or personal award. Without a doubt, that’s a refreshing part of this interview with Nightengale.

Finally, this article gives a good sense of Bellinger’s comfort level in Los Angeles, playing close to his home in Arizona where his family can come watch at any time.

The pieces have all come together for Bellinger. Now all that remains is that elusive final series win in October that we will all someday hopefully write a post about.

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  1. There’s no rings in Bellinger’s immediate future unless Andrew and the front office fix the bullpen ,gets a quality right handed infield bat and makes Will Smith the everyday catcher.Barnes cannot hit for power even with the ball flying out of ballparks. Lots of work to do before the new trading deadline of July 31.

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