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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Wants to Move Back to First Base Eventually

It’s almost easy to forget that Cody Bellinger was a first baseman for a decent chunk of time. When he came up with the Dodgers, it was to replace an injured Adrian Gonzalez at first. But 5 years later, Bellinger is making a name for himself defensively in the outfield. And there are very few around the league that can cover ground as he does. 

Bellinger already has a Gold Glove award to his name in the outfield. But the Dodgers slugger played really good defense at first as well, putting up above-average numbers there in almost 2000 big league innings. So will he eventually make the move back?

Ideally, that’s what he would like to do. Bellinger spoke with am570’s Dave Vassegh this week about his career and how he sees it playing out. And when he does get a little bit older, he could go back to being the Dodgers’ first baseman. 

“When I’m older and not as agile and fast, I can move over to first base again. And hopefully it’s like riding a bike you know? But that was my main position in the minor leagues and high school, so it’s always there in the future.”

For the moment, the agility and foot speed is certainly there for Bellinger. He ranks out as the fourth-fastest player on the Dodgers, covering 27.9 feet per second in 2022. And that’s coming off of a broken bone in his leg sustained last season. 

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So while we may not see it for a while, Cody Bellinger eventually will be back over there. And even if it’s not with the Dodgers, any team would be lucky to have a glove of his caliber covering first base for them. Los Angeles is pretty set over there for the next couple of years though, with Freddie Freeman manning the position. 

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  1. Well, it doesn’t sound like he is talking about it happening anytime soon. Not going to happen with the Dodgers for at least the next 5 years. Much more valuable as a CF. If he is still with the Dodgers in 2028 he would be 32 starting the season. Could be an option.

  2. Of course, a 200 hitter still allowed to play on Dr Dave’s roster while up and coming hitter will rot at OKC. Millar is just as good defensively and can hit at Least 50 points higher than Mr want. Trad Bellinger, any team with a logical manager would. It’s not hard to replace a 200 hitter at ANY level, especially when you have just as good options everywhere.

  3. Bellinger is to good at center moving him would be risky and him being under 200 isn’t bad he just needs to get back in the groove

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