Dodgers: Cody Bellinger’s Historic Start – By the Numbers

It is no secret by now that Cody Bellinger is absolutely the hottest hitter on the planet. When he arrived as a rookie just a couple of seasons ago, he amassed a bunch of rookie records, but now he is shattering all-time Major League Baseball records. He is not just shattering them, he is making them pale in comparison to what he has done to start this season off for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Bellinger Now

Let’s take a look at his base numbers and let me give you a hint. Cody James Bellinger leads the entire league in all of the stats listed except DRS and I have included his current pace (given 650 plate appearances) with the current total:

AVG: .427 | R: 30 (163) | HR: 14 (76) | RBI: 36 (190) | OBP: .500 | SLG: .913

Advanced stats

OPS: 1.413 | ISO: .470 | wOBA: .551 | wRC+: 253 | WAR: 2.7 (14.6) | DRS: 6 (33)

As Joe Davis once exclaimed: Cody Bellinger, you are ridiculous!

Some of those numbers that he has already put up are gaudy. Now let us see how he stacks among the all-time ranks for the start of the month. Here are his ranks all-time for a singular March/April start to the season (minimum: 75 plate appearances):

AVG: .427 (2nd)

HR: 14 (tied-1st all time with Albert Pujols and Christian Yelich)

RBI: 36 (1st)

OPS: 1.413 (4th)

wRC+: 253 (4th)

That is pretty historic. Wow.

All Dodgers Ever

Now let us take a look at how powerful this month has been among all months for all Dodgers ever:

AVG: 5th

R: 1st

HR: 1st

RBI: 1st

H: t-1st

OBP: 3rd

SLG: 1st

OPS: 1st

wRC+: 2nd

All of MLB, All-Time

How about a glance at Cody Bellinger’s start versus all months of all players ever along with who he is tied for (some Hall-of-Fame type players):

AVG: 38th (Ichiro Suzuki)

R: 11th (Alex Rodriguez)

HR: 8th (Jeff Kent)

RBI: 6th (Nolan Arenado)

H: 58th (Ichiro Suzuki)

OBP: 78th (Jim Edmonds)

SLG: 10th (Albert Pujols)

OPS: 9th (Lance Berkman)

wRC+: 14th (David Ortiz)

Lastly, let us see what Bellinger needs to do for the rest of the season (assumed 650 plate appearances) to accomplish the .300/.400/.500 triple-slash as well as the gaudy 1.000 OPS:


AVG: .270 (easy)

OBP: .376 (difficult, but possible)

SLG: .403 (extremely easy)

1.000 OPS

OPS: .903 (very possible)


Final Thoughts

We are looking at a future MVP for our own team in Cody Bellinger and that is apparent through the numbers.

Now, let’s go along for the ride and see how Cody performs for the rest of the season.

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