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Dodgers Come in At Number 1 in the Postseason Power Rankings

And then there were 4. After a long season of baseball, there are just 4 more teams fighting for a spot in the World Series. The Dodgers and Braves will duke it out for the NL Pennant starting tonight while the Red Sox and Astros already got off to a wild start on Friday.

The good news for Dodgers fans is that they’ve already survived 2 elimination games this postseason. The bad news is that they’ve had to endure the agony of going through 2 elimination games even before the Championship Series. 

But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. That’s what the experts seem to think with their latest MLB postseason Power Ranking update. The Dodgers came in at the top spot of all 4 teams, and they face the lowest-ranked team with Atlanta coming in 4th. 

You can really argue that any of the 4 teams deserves the top spot in the updated rankings. But the fact that the Dodgers took down the best team in baseball in a thrilling 5-game series certainly gives them an edge. It also helps that their pitching shut down an offense that had produced quite literally all season long. 

Dodgers Related: Corey Knebel Will Start Game 1 Tonight

But the rankings mean nothing unless they continue to win ballgames. The Dodgers and Braves play tonight with Max Fried on the mound for Atlanta. Dave Roberts will counter with Corey Knebel as his opener once again. 


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  1. You can file this under the “it’s a small world after all,” Boston Red Sox Ace Nathan Eovaldi went to the same High School as Nolan Ryan (Express). What are the chances?

    Red Sox up 8-0 on two grand slams! Baseball first!

  2. Ya they really show their power.. give us a break!!!!They have a lot of dead wood to get rid of this winter..starting with Roberts!!!

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