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Dodgers Considering Interesting Scenario For Kershaw & Buehler Starts

Now this is a truly interesting development in the Clayton Kershaw/Walker Buehler health saga for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Moreover, manager Dave Roberts has opened the door for a possibility where Kershaw and Buehler appear in the same game.

Ken Gurnick of tweeted this news on Wednesday. Gurnick referred to this scenario as a ‘piggy-back situation’, which is likely how the manager worded it. While one or the other would start the game, Ross Stripling would serve as the stretch man during these games to eat several innings.

And wouldn’t this be interesting?

In my memory – I can’t think of another scenario quite like this one unfolding for a team. Still, it’s tempting. While Kershaw and Buehler work their way back into form – two innings from each to begin a game with Stripling mopping up sounds like must-see television.

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Obviously, I would say the odds of things playing out in this fashion could be far-fetched. However, there’s a reason that Roberts mentioned this scenario and it isn’t simply to raise eyebrows.

The trend of an ‘opener’ (a pitcher who begins a game to throw just an inning) has become a thing within baseball circles of late. While this would be more purposeful than simple X’s and O’s strategy, it could make for tough match-ups for the opposition. Imagine preparing your hitters to face Kershaw, Buehler, and then Stripling and company in one evening.

How do you feel about this idea brought about by Roberts? Do you think we will see it come to fruition? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. It could happen if Kershaw is throwing well and just not stretched out enough to throw more innings. But as another tuneup start to get ready would be unnecessary. Having them both throw in the same game would seem to throw off the rotation order. Kershaw 3 innings and Stripling 4-5 innings in one game and then Buehler for 4 innings and Fergie or Urias for 3 innings would be just see baseball!

  2. Like I’ve been saying, whatever it takes to get Kershaw the Opening Day start record, they’re going to get it for him.

  3. Actually have thot about this often the last couple of weeks! Actually I think of the Kersh/Strip game one and Buehler/Urias/Ferguson game two sounds better, but like this type of thinking!

  4. Clint, this is the first time I heard of a Kersh/Buehler platoon. Tell me its not so!!!! Might this not be carrying platooning a bit too far? Besides, I thought that is why we have a billpen!!!! Go Blue Crew!!!

  5. Kershaw three, Buehler three, strip 2, jansen 1
    Next game buehler, strip, kersh
    Next game strip kersh the buehler.
    Opportunity to win 55 games each.

  6. How about platooning our 8 starting pitchers Kershaw & Walker 4 Innings each, then Urias & Stripling, Hill & Ferguson then Rau & Maeta Repeat every 5th game. That still leaves Jensen to close and a four man relief team to cover starters and Jensen. 40.5 games each at 4 innings, means no one has pitched more than 162 innings. Everyone is fresh for the post season and most opponents won’t see a pitcher more than twice.

  7. Kershaw is a brat and needs to be the starter on Opening Day .So admin is bending over backwards. This is the same dumb stuff that hurt is in the playoffs. Who’s running the Dodgers anyway ?

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