Dodgers Continue Matt Kemp Trade Talks, Padres In The Mix

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Matt Kemp has been the biggest cause of rumors surrounding the Los Angeles Dodgers lately, as he is one of the outfielders that has been made available this winter.

While Kemp is not on the trading block, the Dodgers are taking calls on all their outfielders minus Puig and Kemp has the most talent of the group. A large return would be in necessary in order to pry the 2011 MVP runner-up from Los Angeles. A few teams have been said to have made contact with the team thus far, but talks haven’t materialized.

According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the San Diego Padres have kept up their talks with the Dodgers and have gotten past the initial point:

Kemp enjoyed a second-half resurgence this past season and ended the year hitting .287 with 25 home runs and 89 RBIs in 150 games. He was moved from center field to left field before settling in right field, where he had five assists in 59 games. Kemp is owed $107 million over the next five years. Yasmani Grandal is a 26-year-old catcher from Cuba entering his fourth year in the big leagues. He found a bit of a power stroke in 2014 with 15 home runs in 128 games. Grandal would give the Dodgers an alternative to A.J. Ellis, who has regressed in recent years and had the front office considering free agent Russell Martin before he signed in Toronto.

While Grandal and the money situation has been discussed, Rosenthal added that this does not mean a deal is close:

Talks will continue to heat up this month, especially with the winter meetings, and the Dodgers will continue to be in the center.

Vincent Samperio

Vince is currently the Associate Editor and Social Media Manager for Dodgers Nation. Hailing from San Pedro, CA and a student at Cal State Long Beach, Vince has previously written for the Daily 49er and LASF Magazine.


  1. Trading Matt Kemp within the division would be absolutely stupid. It would come back and bite you on the ass all season long. First you lose the only real RH power hitter left on the team, and you strengthen one of your division rivals offense. Grandal is no where near enough for Kemp, and what I saw of him on the field last year was not all that impressive.

        1. Power? In 1906 maybe. Dude has only hit 24 HR in over 700 PA over 3 yrs. he hasn’t proven he can hit in the majors. You don’t trade your best position player within your division for a guy that might have potential one day. Even though he’s seen plenty of big league time and hasn’t shown any of it yet. I don’t care that he switch hits, I don’t care that he’s 26 – which in today’s game is no spring chicken anymore. I’ll stick with the guy who calls a good game until they can replace him with someone better.

          1. Grandal only has 657 ABs in 216 games in the majors. He hits when he gets the chance. 15 HR, 49 RBI in 377 ABs last season. Project that out to 450-500 ABs and that’s pretty damn good for a catcher. No way he’s worth Kemp, but he’s a serious upgrade from Ellis. Look at every playoff team from last year and the WS winners from the last few years. They all have quality, if not all star ,caliber catchers that produce. {Posey, Molina, Perez etc..) We are the only ones who don’t. An upgrade at catcher is a must. Not saying Grandal + for Kemp is the answer, but the pickings are slim. If we can get him for Ethier + prospects or picks, that would be fine by me. Even if we eat Ethiers salary.

          2. *777 plate appearances and only 24 hr versus 127 strikeouts and a weak OPS. Also Grandal is a horrible defensive catcher who couldn’t throw a baserunner out if he was walking to second. And his pitch framing? Yikes. Not exactly who you put behind the plate to call pitches for the best pitcher in a generation. I’m no Ellis fan, but Dodgers need an ESTABLISHED Catcher if they replace him, not some “maybe he’ll work out” guy who has had plenty of time to show he can hit in the show and hasn’t. There’s plenty of guys out there to be had for the right price, especially if you’re dealing one of your franchise players and the ONLY RH power bat you have for catching, which is just retarded.

            I don’t think you guys have ever even watched Grandal play. He’s a bust and that’s why the Fathers are looking to deal him now and not their real prospect Austin Hedges.

          3. I never said I wanted him as the starter, and especially not for Kemp. I was just saying that he’s better offensively than Ellis and we have a huge weakness in that spot where other playoff caliber teams do not. You can teach catching and pitch calling, but Ellis isn’t learning to hit anytime soon and it hurts us.

          4. It doesnt have to be Kemp as Iam sure the Dodgers would get more.
            You think with your heart. The Dodgers need a catcher ellis is about ready to run out of gas.Why not bring in some youth and let them develop Grandal can hit. Problem is is arm is suspect.My opinion I think Puig is going to be a bust.

          5. Think with my heart? Dude have you ever watched Grandal play? He can’t hit. He can’t field. He can’t throw base runners out. He can’t pitch frame. Yup lets totally replace a solid pitch framing catcher who is adored by the best pitcher this generation has seen for a dude who’s already a wash out.

            There are plenty of better options available that this scrub. No thanks.

          6. Like i said the Dodgers need a catcher.I have respect for Ellus and what he has accomplished. Youth is the best option in professional sports teams get more bang for their buck.It dont matter they can bring back Steven Yeager for all I care I will always be a Dodger fan.Lol Have a good weekend

      1. Grandal is a much better hitter and he can still run do you really think the Dodgers wouldn’t get more in return like salary dumping to spend elsewhere?

      2. Here’s Ellis’ stats from last year
        .191 AVG ..3 HR…25 RBI…., .323 OBP .254 SLG in 283 ABs
        Here’s Grandals’
        .225 AVG 15 HR 49 RBI .327 OBP .401 SLG in 377 ABs
        AVG isn’t impressive, but he’s young and will improve. Big upgrade from Ellis, but not enough for Kemp. Not by himself anyway/….lol

    1. Normally I would agree with you about not trading within the division, but it’s the Padres….lol In order to get Kemp they would have to give up Grandal + more. Like Quentin and pitching for our bullpen. They wouldn’t be much better off than they are now and would soon discover that Kemp couldn’t cover as much ground there or consistently hit 400+ft bombs in that Grand Canyon they play in. Hmmm.. I almost just talked myself into that trade……lol

  2. This is like one of those stupid deals that happen between AI teams in a video game…

  3. No trade – especially within the division – Ethier or Crawford and some cash to Seattle for Paxton would be good for LA and Seattle

    1. You think the Padres with Kemp would be anything other than the Padres?.lol Especially with what we would make them give for Kemp?

  4. Man please stop with the non – sense. Kemp anywhere would be idiotic! Give up BOTH Ethier and Craw and pay ALL of their salary, but don’t trade Kemp

    And please stop with the “Dodgers should give up their 1,2, and 3 best Prospects for an oft injured, aging, #3 or 4th in the rotation, Hamels”! Please stop! Give us REAL possibilities!

    1. I agree. Not many scenarios where we would get fair value for Kemp right now. Because of his salary and injury history the only attention he’s getting right now are from GM’s that are hoping they can pull a fast one on us. They all know his talent level and performance potential, even if he isn’t the same as before, is pretty high. If there are any serious offers for him they’ll start coming in when the winter meetings start tomorrow, but unless someone comes in with a no brainer offer, (another hi talent player and pay his salary) he’s not going anywhere. They know we aren’t just going to trade him for another player AND pay his salary too. If I were the new GM I’d be tempted to just eat the salaries of Ethier and Crawford though, but they are at least worth something. prospects, draft picks , ..etc.. That is where things get interesting. I’ll bet there are some teams willing to take one of them (probably Ethier) if we include something they really want. Like Kemp or Pederson or even Van Slyke. A smart GM knows Van Slyke is under rated and has all star potential. Who knows though…


  6. I will totally be pissed at the front office if they trade him. We need his power and bat. Giving Kemp & money to SD for Grandal is one of the stupidest moves they could make, although they have made several moves lately that are making me scratch my head. They (SD) don’t deserve money with Matt period. He’s a Dodger who needs to stay, and most of the fans feel this way. Better listen to the fans Friedman & GM or you will have tyranny on your hands by the fans because we know our team. And as far as chemistry goes between Puig & Kemp, Puig needs to grow up and learn to take criticism constructively and learn from it.

    1. Most of us would be pissed about losing Kemp, but there are some situations where it would be acceptable. Grandal for Kemp straight up will never happen. It’s just a starting point to a discussion. The teams that are interested in Kemp are just testing the waters to see if our new GM is a moron or not and getting a feel for what it would take to get him. Donuts to dollars says our new GM is using these “inquiries” about Kemp to judge the leagues interest in Ethier and Crawford as well. It’s just a little poking around that all teams do before the winter meetings so they have an idea of who wants what for whom etc etc.. The winter meetings start tomorrow in San Diego. If anything is going to happen with Kemp there’s a good chance it begins then.

  7. Kemp for Grandal ? Ya gotta be kidding. Merry Christmas, Padres ! Colletti making this deal?

      1. I know Colletti was canned. But it sounds like a Colletti trade to me ! Just being sarcastic there William.

  8. yes grandal is good catcher but dodgers need more kemp than grandal if dodgers acquier grandal for wilson and carl and brendon legue plus casch
    for tyson ross and grandal

  9. Friedman is trying to do too much. We don’t need major change. Upgrade the catcher position and get some decent middle relievers and we would be set. Crowded outfield? We were lucky we had a crowded outfield because one of them was always injured. Kemp is more than a statistic. There are no stats for the heart and passion that Kemp brings to the ballpark. Hanley too. Hanley came through with the big clutch hit so many times, and we have nobody that can fill his shoes now. These office guys don’t get it. I doubt they even watch the games. They are unraveling all the progress the dodger organization has made these last couple of years. Fix what’s broken and leave the rest alone Friedman!

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