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Dodgers: Corey Seager Gets ‘Sleeper’ MVP Label From

Personally, I have always enjoyed when Will Leitch writes something about baseball. So, when Leitch wrote his article on Sleeper MVP Candidates for 2019, I clicked away. While I figured a Dodgers player would end up on the list, I was happy to see who Leitch tabbed.

Equally important – we forget that we are getting back Corey Seager in a very short amount of time. It’s easy to bypass the greatness of Seager. He’s quiet, unassuming, and goes about his usual multi-hit business night-by-night in a way that doesn’t grab a headline.

But grab a headline Seager did. Furthermore, I think it’s important to capsule these predictions on Seager that are somewhat bullish. Here’s what Leitch said about Seager for 2019:

It has been nearly nine months since we saw Seager play a baseball game, so maybe you’ve forgotten: This is one of baseball’s best players, a superstar who’s still only 24 years old and the centerpiece of a Dodgers team that’s absolutely desperate to win a World Series at this point. Seager should be fully healthy from his UCL surgery last season, and advanced projections expect him to be a star again. Seager’s going to win an MVP Award someday. Why not now?

Wait, we really survived a year of life without watching Seager on the diamond? It almost seems like it can’t be. Since we actually have, let’s look at that STEAMER projection model and what they have the young man projected for in 2019.

STEAMER projects Seager to pick up where he left off, batting .284/.359/.480 for a 130 wRC+ and finishing fifth among position players with 5.6 WAR.

It’s pretty to read that WAR number and think about it. Moreover, if that takes place; Seager will absolutely be in the conversation for National League MVP. Also, there’s a fair chance the Dodgers find their way to a third consecutive World Series appearance.

Corey can’t be in the batter’s box soon enough for me.

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  1. I hope Corey Seager is ready for opening day 2019. From the Dodgers Fan Fest, he said he cant’ guarantee he will be ready opening day, but he hasn’t had any setbacks in his rehab(crossing fingers).

    1. I think he will be in there on Opening Day under the sunshine and get two or three knocks. Like I always say, Corey Seager will do what Corey Seager does (Multi-hit effort).

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